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Silent Nights: Children's Orchestra Collector's Edition - HOG [Dark Blue Games]


Christmas Stories: Hans Christian Andersen's Tin Soldier Collector's Edition - HOG [Elephant Games]

Date Unavailable   

Ancient Tales: The Root of Evil - HOG [Play Favorite Games]

Awakening: The Golden Age Collector's Edition - HOG [Boomzap]

Battle of Thrones - Building [Melesta]

Bird's Town Presents: Chick Rebuilds - Match 3/F2P

Bizarre Investigations: The Stealing Eye - HOG [Persha Studios]

Blacked Out - HOG [Nevosoft]

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal 2 - HOG [Codeminion]

Chancy World: Gas Station Story - Dash [Muzzium World]

Christmas Eve: The Secret of Pandora Collector's Edition - HOG [ERS Game Studios]

Contract With The Devil - HOG [ZArt]

Dangerous Games: Illutionist - HOG [Blam! Games]

Dark Dimensions: Homecoming - HOG [Daily Magic Productions]

Dark Parables: The Little Mermaid And The Purple Tide - HOG [Blue Tea Games/Eipix]

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter - HOG [Brave Giant Studios]

Dreamscapes: Nightmare's Heir - HOG [Shaman Games]

Emerland Solitaire: Endless Journey - Card/F2P [Rainbow Games]

Epic Royal Saga - Building [Melesta]

Everlove: Rose - Adventure 

Fairly Twisted Tales: Snow White Black Night - HOG [Big Top Games]

Fallen Shadows II: Second Chance - HOG [Happy Muffin Top]

Farm Mania 4: Stone Age - Dash [Realore]

Final Cut: The True Escapade - HOG [Eipix]

Frankenstein: Master Of Death - HOG [JetDogs Studio]

Fruits Inc. 2 -Dash [Manic Game Studios]

Grim Tales: The Color Of Fright Collector's Edition - HOG [Elephant Games]

Haunted Camp: Evil Games - HOG [Top Evidence Studio]

Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence - HOG [Elephant Games]

Haunted Legends: Stone Guest - HOG [ERS Game Studios]

Ink: The Philosopher's Well - HOG [Toomuchvoltage]

Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven - HOG [iMaxgen]

Jane Austen 2: State Of Affairs - HOG [Legacy Games]

Journalistic Stories 2 - HOG [Farmills]

Kronville: Stolen Dreams - HOG [Illustrate Games/Alawar]

Limits of Sanity: Paradise Island - HOG [Blam! Games]

Living Legends: Wrath of the Beast - HOG [4 Friends Games]

Lost Chronicles: Joan of Arc - HOG [Vast Studios/Nat Geo Games]

Lost Horizons: Black Rainbow - HOG [Cateia Games]

Love Chronicles: A Winter's Spell - HOG [Vendel Games]

Lovely Kitchen 2 - Dash [Blam! Games]

Mae Q’West and the Eye of the Gypsy - HOG [BrandX Games] 

Megaplex Madness 3: Monster Theater - Dash [Goldsun Games]

Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting - HOG [MumboJumbo]

Mindscape Mystery: Inspiration Lost - HOG [Play Favorite Games]

Mountain Trap 2: Under the Cloak of Fear - HOG [Color Brush Studio]

My Gnome Garden - Strategy [Unknown]

Mysteries Of The Past: Shadow Of The Wendigo - HOG [3K Studios]

Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret - HOG [Meridian 93]

Mystery Crusaders: Resurgence Of The Templars - HOG [ChoYoWo Games]

Myths of Orion: Light from the North - HOG [Cateia Games]

Mythic Wonders: The Child Of Prophecy - HOG [Organic 2 Digital]

Neopolis: Stolen Memory - HOG [Alawar Entertainment/Extreme Developers]

Nightwalkers: Drawn To the Woods - HOG [MediaArt]

Perfect Life: Island Resort - Building [Goldsun Games]

Phantasmat: The Endless Night - HOG [Eipix]

Red Threat of Fate - HOG [Jet Dogs Studios]

Resurrection: Arizona - HOG [Media Art]

Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge - HOG [Blam! Games]

Secret Gallery: The Mystery Of The Damned Crystal - HOG [Plata Games]

Set Sail! - Strategy [World-Loom]

Shiver: The Lily's Requiem - HOG [Artogon]

Small Town Terrors: Galdor's Bluff - HOG [Gunnar Games]

Snacktime! Theme Park - Dash [Goldsun Games]

Stranger Than Fiction: Ghosts Of Seattle - HOG [Play Favorite Games]

Super City - Sim/F2P [Unknown]

Surface: Game of Gods - HOG [Elephant Games]

Taken Souls: Blood Ritual - HOG [Unknown]

Tales Untold: The Curse Of Port Bridge - HOG [Unknown]

Tearstone: Wolves & Owls - HOG [Dragon's Eye Studios]

The Cursed Island: Mask of Baragus - HOG [Todo Games]

The Secret Order: Beyond Time - HOG [Sunward Games]

The Shade Effect - HOG [Awem Studios]

Twilight Phenomena: The Incredible Show - HOG [ERS Game Studios]

Swan - HOG [Space Monkey International]

The TimeBuilders: Rails To Gold - Building [Bloobuzz]

The Twilight Zone - HOG [Legacy Interactive]

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz - F2P/Match 3 [Alwar Entertainment]

Unrecognized Geniuses: The Master of Living Things - HOG [Vendel Games]

Where Angels Cry: Hell Broke Loose - HOG [Cateia Games]

Worlds Apart: The Descent - HOG [Unknown]

Vampire Legends: The Untold Story Of Elizabeth Bathory Collector's Edition - HOG [Organic 2 Digital]

Visions - HOG [QB9]

56 comments to ''Upcoming Games"

  1. I think there's an upcoming hidden object game titled "Vicious Intent:A Dog's heart".

  2. These are other upcoming games that I've heard of:
    Haunted Minds, Witchcraft:The Punishment,Eastville Chronicles: the Drama Queen Murder,Snark Busters 3,Angel code: a Linda Hyde Mystery,Theatre of the Damned.

    1. Thanks :)

      Haunted Minds already released under the name White Haven Mysteries

      Angel Code also already released

      Theatre of the Damned has a new name called Theatre of Absurd

  3. CaRL - and yes Eastville chronicles 2- the Ballerina

  4. Murder, She Wrote 2 looks awesome . . . !

  5. ok, Abandoned will release this April! CaRL~

  6. Another game has been announced: the third game of the series "The Agency of Anomalies". It's titled: "The Last Performance".

  7. Wow, thanks.
    I prefer with games from Blam! Games, Elephant Games, and ERS Game Studios.

  8. I just drooled all over my keyboard.

  9. well i dont think that there will be a chocolate chase 2
    as playfirst is abandoning its loyal pc customer used to be a great place for quality games and the forums were alot of fun some of which i had a hand in starting. also alot were about just about anything under the sun

    1. Lately BFG transferred many game's franchises to other developers for example Phantasmat and Azada to ERS-G. Hope this is the case too so the PC Casual Market wouldn't lose any more amazing game series! But it's up to Playfirst anyway whether to sell the franchises or not.

  10. i don't agree with you as Ers destroyed Phantasmat series first Phantasmat was great but...
    Nightmare Realm: In The End is supposed to be released in December as I know

    1. We have nothing to do with the development of the Phantasmat series so there's nothing we can do.

      Thanks for the news on the Nightmare Realm 2 but we have to wait for confirmation from the developers :)

  11. I strongly suggest playing the beta test version of Nightmare Realm 2 before buying it. I played it back in July 2012 and it was awful :( I couldn't even finish it was so bad. If you want to try it out for yourself, just reply and I'll send you the link.

  12. well i am not big fan of Nightmare Realm series, but I can say it wasn't awful, just an okay game.

    1. As for me, Nightmare Realm is a great game!

  13. Hello. Probably all of you know about old beta, Azada Adventures. Azada series was given to ERS officially, but please(my request to Administrator or the person who knows developers of BFG or this game) find out and then inform us, if they are going to release this game. Thank you in advance! :)

    1. We personally do not think that BFG Studios would release Azada Adventures anytime in the future. As we know, Azada Adventures was in development before BFG sold its franchise to ERS-G and therefore, the beta was out at that time. BFG the somehow gave up on the development and ERS is now taking care of the series.

      We know that the Azada: In Libro which ERS released earlier in 2012 was very different from the original two Azadas and many fans would be disappointed with it but there is nothing we can do about it. ERS-G has revealed sometime ago that the fouth game in the series is now in the development.

  14. just to let everyone know that dream big reverie manor by awem games is not going to be a release the game has been junked.its too bad it looked good

  15. I've been waiting for some good dash games but seems like they have pulled back on those. I don't really enjoy HOGs all that much to be honest.

  16. I have a question, could you answer me, please?
    Is anyone sure that Order of the Rose is really going to be released sometime?
    Thanks :)

    1. Although there is no update on the release date of that game for now. We certainly don't think that the project has been cancelled yet, stay tuned!

    2. Order of the Rose will be released this weekend!

  17. The Chronicles Of Vida and Blacked Out have already been released...

    1. Thanks for your comment. We have already removed Vilda, however, Blacked Out has not been released in English yet.

  18. I'm sure Happy Kingdoms and Fairy Land Had Released a few months ago.

  19. How do you know that will be PuppetShow 6 ? Is it true ?

    1. It is true! ERS Game Studios confirmed it on their Facebook page :)The beta is still not out yet so it would be a while though...

  20. There is a change to be made: instead of "Christmas Stories: The Trolls", there should be "Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol".

  21. Love this site! It's so useful!

  22. Is it "Myths of the World: Stolen Spring" or "Myths of the World - Spirit Wolf"?

    1. No, Spirit Wolf is an upcoming third game in the series :)

  23. There's information that a brand new game by ERS will be called Christmas Eve: The Secret of Pandora, not Christmas Eve: The Miracle of Snow Hill.

  24. Have you got some information?When are those games going to release:
    Puppetshow 6,Redemption cemetery bitter frost,Haunted halls 4 nightmare dwellers,beyond the unknow,Dark parables jack and the sky kingdoom,Maestro 4,Grim facade 4.If you got something then tell me.And please answer.

  25. Haunted Halls 4 should be released by the end of this year.

    Beyond the Unknown, Redemption Cemetery 5 and Dark Parables 6 are set for Q1 2014.

    Others should be released within next year :)

    1. Theres a new game from Ers Games Studios.Gosts of the Past - Bones of Meadows Town

  26. Thanks for the information.Do you know which game is the next game for ERS?Which ERS game will release in November?

  27. hi! just want to tell you that zombie solitaire had released for a months ago,Adora style changed to style quest, and thats all.

  28. What about Fright? I just played the survey game and can't find anything about it other than that. It's terrific!

  29. What about Grim Facade 4 ?

  30. Wait...Botanica Earthbound is already released. One of my subscribees already uploaded her episode 2 of playing the game.

  31. You said Botanica 2 will release in January its not true.It already was released december 14.I played it.

    1. Sometimes the schedule at BFG varies a lot. We apologize for any changes.

  32. Thank you SO MUCH for keeping up this site. A couple games I was wondering about - Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows didn't' seem to be released, at least not through BFG, and yet you took it off the list. Also, is Shadow Shelter coming soon? As a fan of horror mystery, it looks pretty sweet...

    1. Thank you for visiting our site. Dark Angels has already been released on Gamehouse and Wildtangent. As for Shadow Shelter, we have no information about it at the moment.

  33. FYI Northern Tale 2 and Secret Trails Frozen Heart should be removed from the to be released section as they have already been published.

  34. I think "Horrors And Fears: Deal With Death" has been renamed into "Haunted Manor 3: Painted Beauties", there aren't going to be two different games.

  35. HUGE fan of the Dark Parable series. impatiently waiting for Jack & The Sky Kingdom to be released ! Played the demo version and it was amazing ! Can't wait for the the full version !

  36. I think the 4th installment of Artogon's Shiver series has the beta released. it's called "Siren."

  37. Isn't Nightmares of the Deep going to have a 3rd installment soon?

  38. Please add Rite of Passage #3: Hide & Seek ~!

  39. Surface #5: Reel Life is released (don't know if for standard BFG members), & Blue Tea is planning Dark Parables #7: Ballad of Rapunzel for some time soon.

  40. Reel Life is already released, & BTG is planning Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel.

  41. MYSTERY TRACKERS #7!!! Blackrow's Secret!!! XD

  42. There is a beta game release out for a new " Big City Adventure Rio de Janero!"