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Roulette types and variations

Variety of online gambling entertainment

Online roulette is the best way to spend free time with great chances of winning a lot of money. This is a game of chances as everything depends purely of gambler’s luck. Rules are simple as well as easy to follow as it’s all about spinning ball and a chance - everything one has to do is picking a number, color and placing a bet. This is a very exciting and dynamic game that attracts players to try their luck.

Roulette ball intrigues players when starts to spin on a wheel and gamblers feel the adrenaline rush. They are glued to the table and waiting for a ball to stop on certain number and color. Huge amount of betting options makes this game attractive for risky players.

Anyone is able to find a trustworthy virtual casino with real money roulette online games and won’t be disappointed with great selection of various roulette types, such as American roulette, European and French roulette. Any player will be able to find something according to his likings and preferences.

Roulette games

Being one of the most known casino table games in the world roulette is not limited by solely gambling entertainment. Among most popular types of roulette games, we can mention few variations like drinking roulette and Russian roulette.

Russian roulette game is one of the most dangerous and often depicted in movies. Best scenes can be found in The Deer Hunter (1978), Leon (1994), LA Confidential (1997), The Way of the Gun (2000), Starsky And Hutch (2004), 13 (2012) etc. This lethal game of chance involves two players and a loaded with 1 bullet gun. Player spins the cylinder with a bullet and after places muzzle against their head. The next step is pulling the trigger. This suicidal game should be left only for movies or books.

Another more entertaining version of a roulette game that can include unlimited amount of players is drinking game. All necessary equipment is few balls, shot glasses, 1 roulette wheel and spirits.

The rules are easy to follow and demand tequila, white rum or vodka and water. Some amount of shots is filled with water and other half with a strong beverage. Shots have several different numbers written on them and if one of them corresponds to the winning one on a wheel a player must drink his shot. In the case ball ends up on a number corresponding to an empty or filled with water shot a player doesn’t have to drink or simply consumes the water. It is a fun game for a big group of friends but demands responsible attitude in dealing with spirits.

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