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Review of Casual Casino Games 2016

Evolution might be the best word to describe the gaming industry as of late. We are in the process of seeing a ton of new tech and software that is sure to shake things up a bit from the impending VR casino, more and more focus on mobile and up to and including skill based games and more. There is definitely something for each casino enthusiast in this collection of NetEnt casual casino games, which you can find accessible for your gaming pleasure.

While we are very happy and excited for all the news and changes that are going to bring about tectonic shifts into how we play and perceive casino games, the micro-level changes are also important. We are talking about the increasing accent and attention that is put on casual casino games. For an insight look at how the casual casino games truly shape the market, take a look at these Microgaming casual casino games.

Casino games have been gradually accepting the brand new direction that is headed towards the mobile-centric portion of the market (which is quickly overtaking desktop by a large margin) and with good reason - more and more players are getting on the mobile casino bandwagon from their own smartphone or tablet.

The casual casino games are gaining momentum due to two major reasons - first, they are easy to just pick up and play. No actual learning curve, no complicated game play rules and no need for getting familiar with the layout. 

The second major reason is that most of the casual casino games are played for fun. Sure you can find some you can play with real money but that's not really the reason why they are made that way (nor put in that category). Speaking of category, the newest trend that follows casino games in 2016 is using some of the established formats but with some innovations in the form of 3D slots, roulette, video poker and others games.

With a selection of fast paced slots action, it is no wonder this category is bound to dominate the casual casino market in 2016. After all, most software providers are betting on players mostly craving their spin-fix with 3-reel slots with some amazing bonus games to tie up mobile fans on their smart devices.

A new category however is emerging, which relies on the global casual games approach. This type of games take up less time to get used to, are very easy to just pick up and play and rely on some memorable brand or arcade game (or other popular video or movie based brand) in order to garner appraisal for the common casino goers.

The variations of new and exciting casual casino games in 2016 are mostly in the form of themed slots, roulette and table games, with a fun variations of baccarat, bingo and scratch cards. Some of these games are stripped to their bare minimum in order to appeal to a larger audience, while others offer intricate new mechanics such as bonus games an even totally alter the game play to get more "video-game" feel.   

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