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Where Did Casino Games Come From?

If we asked you how a classic casino game such as roulette came to fruition, you'd probably be pretty stumped. How exactly did those types of games become so popular and where did they originate from? Well, we've got some of the answers for you today! You'll be impressed by just how far they've come, thanks to numerous advancements in technology...


Let's start with the aforementioned roulette, the game of probability. Before the spinning wheel for the table game was invented by French mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal, similar games were played with numbers chosen out of a bag or by playing cards. Pascal ­ who also invented the syringe, hydraulic press and calculator ­ was said to have pioneered the game of roulette in the mid­17th century. He worked on probability with Pierre deFermat, the developer of calculus, and spent a lot of his life trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. In 1655, a nearly frictionless spinning wheel was one of the failed attempts. Today, the spinning wheel is an integral part of the game when you head into a casino, though the online version obviously just requires the click of a button. The principles of the game will always remain the same, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. For those who are familiar with the world of casino games, you’ll already be aware of other popular table games such as blackjack and poker. Poker seems to now be the most popular table game since being introduced in 1829.

Dice Games

Some games, casino or otherwise, wouldn't exist today had it not been for the invention of dice. But where did it all begin? It was a very long time ago indeed. A form of fortune telling in Ancient Egypt was called bone rolling, which involved pieces made from the bones and teeth of animals. For that reason, dice predate playing cards by hundreds of years. Dice in the common shape we know today originated in Korea and were used in Promotion, a Buddhist game. Fast forward to today, and dice are integral to games such as craps and sic bo in modern casinos. Again, it's all about chance and probability, so will remain popular for years to come for its undeniable addictiveness.

The Slot Machine

The slots are a more modern invention. Created by a mechanic named Charles Fey in California in the 1890s, it was named the Liberty Bell. Today, it's more popularly known as the One­Armed Bandit. Though some casinos do still like to use the 'vintage' mechanical reels and handle, a random number generator is more commonly used. Along with that, you've got more going on in general ­ more reels, symbols and an array of themes to make things all the more exciting. In the 1990s, the online slot machine was invented which changed everything, because from there online video poker hit the scene.

Casino games are constantly adapting to keep up with the advancements of technology. But it's not just about that. They're always changing to meet the needs of the players. What's your favourite new feature in the world of casino gaming? Do you have a favourite game?

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