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Three mind-boggling puzzle games for a family-bonding time!

In the age of the internet, when information is ubiquitous and choices are virtually infinite. Choosing a game to play might not be easy, especially if you are intending to enjoy it with your children. Here are three fun classic puzzle games, with simple rules and clean content to keep your mind busy while enjoying the perfectly relaxing time with your family!

Artifacts of Eternity

Artifacts of Eternity is an impressive puzzle game that puts a cool twist on the classic Match 3 gameplay. Not only you get to complete over 40 addicting Match 3 levels, you also get to travel across 50 amazing locations throughout the history in the quest to hunt back the missing artifacts. To add to the anticipation, after each level is completed, you also get to complete a jigsaw puzzle to manually reveal the next location. Further, unlike most of the Match 3 games out there, Artifacts of Eternity actually focuses on the storyline. The story slowly develops as you go through the levels, it does not just leave you hanging after the opening sequence like most Match 3 games seem to do.

Artifacts of Eternity is easy to get started, but gets more challenging as the game progresses - a relaxed mode is also offered if you are looking for a more relaxing time. As you make your way through beautiful hand-drawn scenes and well-designed levels, you will also get to enjoy some unique power-ups as well as special features to help you with the quest!

Gambit Chess

Remember that old time when those classic, pre-installed Windows games - like Pinball or minesweeper - were all that you need for a fun afternoon? Your opportunity is here as Gambit Chess is here to bring back that classic feeling. But honestly, who doesn't love a nice game of chess?

Gambit Chess allows you to enjoy chess games with no limitations at any time. Whether you are a solo player or want your family members to guide your strategic directions, Gambit Chess is the perfect chess game. Gambit Chess will help improve your chess skills and become a better tournament or casual player as the game is fully customizable to meet your needs and level of expertise. With pleasantly-designed interface, detailed statistics and minimalistic visuals - you simply cannot go wrong with this game.

Azteca Puzzle

Azteca Puzzle is a delightful little game full of imagination and creativity. At its core, Azteca Puzzle is a straightforward Match 3 game - but it comes with a surprisingly interesting twist! In this game, the goal of each level is to collect the missing letters. At the end of every five levels, you will be able to unlock a part of the storyline. Once you complete the whole game, there will be a fascinating tale to tell.

Azteca Puzzle should be able to entertain both long-time Match 3 fans as well as beginners. On one hand, Azteca Puzzle is a very fast-paced game with fascinating challenges to please advanced players. On the other hand, the game offers just enough hand-holding and bonuses to keep those are new to the genre from being overly-frustrated. This, combined with colorful graphics, melodic soundtracks and astonishing levels - Azteca Puzzle is the one game your family would need for a peaceful afternoon.

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