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Quest of the Sorceress, a magical mystery Match 3 game that you will love

The powerful Sorceress is on her quest to achieve eternal glory, the secret to immorality. The path has been attempted by many, but none has succeeded! Can you help her overcome various obstacles and defeat vicious enemies on her journey to the Frozen Mountains?

Quest of the Sorceress is an interesting Match-3 game from TAG Publishing, sort of like the famous Puzzle Quest's little brother. Instead of having you matching colored tiles on ordinary boards, the gameplay in Quest of the Sorceress involves some exciting action sequences as well. In each level, you will be competing against a computer-controlled enemy and the gameplay is based on a turn-by-turn basis. By swapping tiles and create matches, you will be making attacking or defensive moves. Each type of tile results in different action sequences, some are more powerful than others. Defensive powers are also very helpful to help alleviate the enemy's attacks. You can win each board by draining the enemy's health orb before yours ran out.

What is more important in Quest of the Sorceress than just matching tiles is the cascade effect that usually follows each move you make. Once a group of tiles is matched, new tiles will fall downward and possibly creating new matched groups and unleash more power towards your enemy. This cascade effect can easily turn what seems like a defeat into a victory!

Furthermore, Quest of the Sorceress comes with several helpful power-ups and special items as well. For example, shields that can provide protection and magical red potion that can restore health. At the end of each level, you will be rewarded with Crystals - these crystals can be used to upgrade your attacking power, incredibly useful as the game progresses on.

Although Quest of the Sorceress does not provide many instructions to begin with, you will be able to get the hang of it pretty quickly. In addition, Quest of the Sorceress is also a very fast-paced game; it starts off fairly easy, but the difficulty level increases fast. The game will get you addicted in no time!

Last but not least, the production of Quest of the Sorceress is rather impressive. The graphics are delightful and the special effects are fancy, without being overdone. We also found the soundtracks to be appropriately intense.

Either you are looking for an entertaining little game to pass the time, or a thrilling game for some serious challenges - Quest of the Sorceress might just worth a play!

Enjoy the full version of Quest of the Sorceress for absolutely FREE at, along with over 400 other casual games titles, without in-game ads or malware.

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