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Escape the sinister spell in Whispered Stories: Sandman!

By Sandman, most of you are probably thinking about the mythical folklore character who brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of people while they sleep at night. But what if the Sandman in Whispered Stories is evil, and is willing to do anything to capture those who have fallen?

Whispered Stories: Sandman is a captivating hidden object puzzle adventure game from Intenium that tells an exciting journey of the two orphans. James and Mary are two orphans growing up on the streets of 19th century London; their lived a pretty much average, uneventful life until one day, when Mary visited a mysterious puppetshow and disappeared! Since that day, James visited the puppetshow everyday in the hope of finding his girlfriend. While searching for her, he suffers the same fate and falls under the Sandman's spell. Now that he is lost in the Sandman's ominous world, he must not only find the cure that will break this dark curse, but also to look out for any dangers and traps that might trick him. Can you help James stop the evil Sandman once and for all?

We always enjoy games that are based on fairytales and folklores, and even if Whispered Stories: Sandman is very loosely based on the tale of the Sandman, we found the twists very fascinating and the storyline entertaining nonetheless.

Whispered Stories: Sandman is a solid game that follows the typical formula of a Hidden Object Adventure game. Most of the time, you will find yourself walking her and there and picking up relevant objects to solve tasks and get pass the obstacles. It is definitely not one of the more challenging games, but it is not one of those no-brainer games that can only be enjoyed by beginners. The hidden object scenes portion of the game was well-crafted, with just the right level of difficulty. The puzzles are slightly more challenging, and although some instructions are quite vague, they are certainly not impossible to figure out - some of them are really clever as well.

This game was released back in 2012, but still remains its classic qualities. Whispered Stories: Sandman featured some great artwork, especially the ones inside the Sandman's twisted world. The graphics are pleasant and moody, while the soundtracks serve the suspenseful and mysterious mood of the game well.

Regardless of the out-dated look of the game, Whispered Stories: Sandman is actually a very enjoyable ride. The unique storyline in the game is surely one of its strongest aspects, along with its smooth gameplay and clever puzzles.

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