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Build the movie studio of your dreams in Moviewood!

Have you ever dreamed of yourself being a famous superstar in Hollywood? Well, your wildest dreams can come true in this unique hiddean object hybrid. Moviewood has you not only star in a movie, but to create hundreds of them!

Moviewood is an innovative project from Nevosoft, the developer of many popular casual games franchises such as My Kingdom for the Princess and Mysteryville. Moviewood creatively combines the strongest aspects from two much-loved casual games genres; hidden object and city builder. Much like many of the free-to-play titles out there, Moviewood comes with various tasks for you to complete. These tasks can be completed through finding objects in the hidden object scenes, spend money to build new and exciting stations and more. In addition, Moviewood is the perfect family-friendly game. It featured colorful graphics and attractive visuals, as well as fun and upbeat soundtracks to be enjoyed by the whole family.

What sets Moviewood apart from other games of its kind is the unique environment. As the name of the game has suggested, Moviewood is set in a movie studio, your very own one! Inside this movie studio, you will have the chance to do everything you have ever dreamed of. From hire high-profile actors to star in your productions, shoot your own films and construct sets to pick scripts, create professional posters and release your blockbusters! You can also use the profits that you have earned through your movies to upgrade and expand your movie empire, or even attend film festivals where you will receive awards and recognition for your works.

Moviewood can feel a little complicated, especially if you are new to the genre. Still, once you get your head around it, it is super addicting. That is not to say that Moviewood is an incredibly challenging game, since most of the times, it is quite relaxing and fairly easy. The hidden object scenes can be repetitive after a while, but with all those fancy power-ups you can get your hands on, they can be completed pretty quickly.

With a cool concept and well-crafted gameplay, you can't go wrong with Moviewood. It is a decent time-passer, something to enjoy during this Thanksgiving weekend with your family!

Enjoy the full version of Moviewood for absolutely FREE at, along with over 400 other casual games titles, without in-game ads or malware.

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