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A New World Record for Beating Super Mario Bros

In every end, there is nearly always a slight edge to be had. It is just about identifying where performance enhancements can lead to better results. Whether you are playing Blackjack on these new online casinos, making sales calls to C-level executives or playing a retro classic videogame, it is all about strategy, efficiency and precision.
A year on from the last world-record clearance of Super Mario Bros of 4:57.69, Darbian has shaved milliseconds off the record, to record a time of 4:57.627. The fact that this record has taken so long to beat, and was beaten by so little, shows just how hard it is to shave time off this phenomenal world record, on a game that could well have featured on our list of games that never go out of fashion.
During the play through, Darbian’s heart rate soared to levels expected when running. With a heart rate approaching 150 bpm it is clear just how tense this kind of run through can be. It is a feat of concentration and precision.
Darbian made use of several glitches in the gameplay of this original NES classic. For example, a bullet bill glitch is used in 8-2 to accelerate the animations in the level.
So is this the end of the attempts to beat this record?
Definitely not! Darbian explained on reddit that his run was not perfection. Although he managed to make jumps at the perfect times, optimised for many of the glitches, and did things superbly well, there were still a few minor mistakes that impacted the final time. He said that .35 seconds could be saved in 4-2 by choosing a slightly different method. In 8-4 scrolling an extra single pixel when navigating the “turnaround” scene cost time. Additionally, his exit from the water scene lost time because Mario reduces velocity when touching down on the ground going through water.
There are certainly some slight improvements to be made, but putting such a perfect run together is nigh on impossible. It would not be surprising if this record remains in situ for at least another year. But… Wherever there is a record to be broken though there are gamers striving to become the best.

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