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Prepare the Lotus Elixir and save your world in Witchcraft!

There are two weeks to go until Halloween, are you ready to get spooked? Either way, why not enjoy some low-key horror to get yourself prepared. Witchcraft is a recent Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure from Long Leaf's Friends, it is also their first effort in the HOPA genre.

In Witchcraft, you play as a young witch apprentice - who possess a very special, and important, skill - the ability to work magic through cooking. This automatically makes you a valuable resource in the witch community, since you are the only person who can create the magical Lotus Elixir. Now that your world is in danger, you need to travel the lands to find the ingredients to this holy elixir and stop the dark magic before it is too late!

As you make your way through this thrilling journey, you will meet with many characters with varied personalities, both friends and foes. Each one of them is accompanied by a fitting voice talent, that helps bring the character to life. The visuals in Witchcraft are also unique - the art style might look a little out-dated to some, but there is a certain quality to it that makes it feel nostalgic and magical, as well as fitting with the theme of the game. In addition, the guitar-driven soundtracks that play in the background are also enchanting, and help bring out the inner charm of the game.

Witchcraft is a game like no other, in which it has very little to zero hand-holding. Those who enjoy challenging HOPAs should be satisfied with the challenge in the adventure part of the game. Unlike most of the games nowadays, Witchcraft offers no black-bar tips at the top of the screen, nor it does feature an interactive map or sparkles in the areas of interest - Witchcraft is a really challenging game. 

As for the puzzles, although they might not be extremely innovative, they offer some delightful twists on our old favorites and require some serious brain-power. Even the hidden object scenes are not easy to complete; many items are blended in well with the background, but they are definitely not impossible to find.

Witchcraft is a dark, yet charming HOPA that is amazingly challenging. It might not have that modern look and sophisticated game mechanics, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be able to provide some solid entertainment.

Enjoy the full version of Witchcraft for absolutely FREE at, along with over 400 other casual games titles, without in-game ads or malware.

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