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Mystery Trackers: Winterpoint Tragedy - Review

You, as a Mystery Trackers agent, has been called to a research center in Arctic to investigate a series of supernatural events. These mysterious events are thought to be the side-effects of the archaeological research on shapeshifting humans done at the research center. Can you solve this mystery and stay 'human' throughout your expedition?


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Name: Mystery Trackers: Winterpoint Tragedy Collector's Edition
Release Date: 09 August 2015
Developer: Elephant Games

Mystery Trackers is Elephant Games' first major HOPA series and in this ninth installment, we are presented with a promising Sci-Fi story. Unfortunately, the thrilling start of the game slowly turns into just another tiresome supernatural-investigation kind of story.

Still, the game impresses in terms of production quality. The game is filled with stunning snow scenes; the artwork looks gorgeous and the graphics quality is pretty amazing. The cutscenes are also well-executed, with flawless animations and fantastic special effects. The soundtracks are pleasant, but could have been a little edgier to add to the suspense and the thrill. The voice-overs are on-point and nice to follow.

Disappointingly, the gameplay does not live up to the quality of the game's production. Winterpoint Tragedy is a ridiculously easy game, with a minimal level of creativity. The adventure part has you travelling back and forth completing the same-old tasks, nothing worth writing home about. The hidden object scenes are standard interactive lists, not really interesting either. As for the puzzles, the variety is satisfying, but is still a big let-down considering their lack of challenge. 

The game also features two unnecessary special features, AKA gimmicks. Our ever-so-annoying Elf helper is back, the developer should really consider getting rid of him in the next installment (if there is one) since he starts to bore us to death. Moreover, we have an Area Scanner, which prompts boring mini-search scenes from time to time. 

The main game of Mystery Trackers: Winterpoint Tragedy took us just 3 and a half hour to complete, and the bonus chapter took us another 45 minutes - definitely a very short game. The Collector's Edition includes all the usual gallery items, as well as 3 types of collectibles and a secret room.

Mystery Trackers hits a new low with Winterpoint Tragedy. Despite the spectacular graphics, the simple gameplay, the mundane story and the short length basically ruin the game.

Graphics: 5/5 Stars
Sound: 4/5 Stars
Story: 3.5/5 Stars
Originality: 3/5 Stars
Gameplay: 3/5 Stars
Puzzles: 3/5 Stars
Control and Navigation: 4.5/5 Stars
Fun Factor: 3/5 Stars
Extras: 4/5 Stars


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