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Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home - Review

Gamehouse's Delicious is one of those few franchises that we never get tired of playing. In this ELEVENTH (can you believe it?) installment, Emily is ready to start a new life with her lovely husband and her baby, Paige. But things are not going as smoothly as she wants - guide Emily through countless obstacles and meet new characters, all the while try to achieve the much-needed profits from Emily's restaurants.


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Name: Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition
Release Date: 28 June 2015
Developer: Blue Giraffe

If you are a long-time fan of this highly successful Time Management franchise, then you probably know that most Delicious games were released towards the end of the year. Unlike its predecessors, Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home was released on the last week of June. Regardless of the change in release date, we think Home Sweet Home is a perfect fit for summertime due to its liveliness, bright environment and a very strong summer vibe.

Delicious is famous for its heartwarming storyline, and Home Sweet Home delivers that excellently. Each new level introduces a new event that requires completion - these events are all very entertaining, sometimes humorous and very cute. The new characters we get to meet in this new sequel are all very memorable, and serve as pleasant additions to the ever-growing list of the Delicious family tree.

The basic game mechanics of Home Sweet Home remain very familiar, so those who have already played the previous game(s) can work their way around this game easily. Still, there are a couple of interesting new features. Firstly, the customizable menus from the previous game are back in this game. However, instead of selecting menus to match with the customer's preferences like in the previous game; we need to choose the menus according to the bonuses attached to each menu, which vary level by level. Also, in order to unlock more menus, specific tasks need to be performed - a satisfyingly smart idea. At the end of each level, you will also be rewarded with Diamonds, if you have managed to complete the level event. These diamonds are used to purchase decorations and repairs for Emily's dream house, which is now in a desperate condition. Last but not least, in addition to the 10 levels per each venue, there are five more challenge levels. In these levels, you are given a challenge task to complete - they are usually very challenging and sometimes require some serious strategic thinking.

Besides, the production in Home Sweet Home is just as delightful. The artwork is beautifully drawn, the colors are vivid and the animations are very well done. The soundtracks are Delicious signatures, nothing really new here; but they do add a light-hearted feeling to the game.

To us, Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home is more than worth the money, even the Collector's Edition price. The game featured 60 main levels and 30 challenge levels, across 6 venues. The Collector's Edition adds extra 10 levels and 5 challenge levels in a completely new restaurant, along with nice-looking wallpapers and concept art.

Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home looks great, plays great, simply flawless! With a cheerful energy, addicting gameplay and a family-oriented storyline; Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home is the perfect game to enjoy with your kids this summer.

Graphics: 5/5 Stars
Sound: 5/5 Stars
Gameplay: 5/5 Stars
Features: 5/5 Stars
Control and Navigation: 5/5 Stars
Fun Factor: 5/5 Stars
Extras: 4/5 Stars


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