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Affordable Gifts For Gamers

Video games are one of the most beloved pastimes, and with technological advances, games are more immersive than ever. Unfortunately, they're also more expensive than ever. It’s difficult to find gifts for gamers at a reasonable price. Here are a few that won't break the bank.


Video game designers are artists. They spend hundreds of hours drawing concept art of characters, landscapes, weapons and more. They plot character and story arches for years before they see their work come to fruition. Tie-In comics and novels permeate many popular video games, and fill in backstory, the development of major characters, and expand the world these epic stories take place in. Art books are also published regularly which contain interviews with the artists and unreleased concept art. All these books are meant to give gamers a more immersive experience when playing their favorite games.
A great coffee table book for gamers is "Tony Mott's 1001: Video Games You Must Play Before You Die." This book not only presents well, but when the gamer in your family is in search of a new game, they'll know where to turn.

PC Gamer

The advent of Steam has seen a huge rise in PC gaming. Serious PC gamers need a variety accessories if they want to get an immersive experience. A state-of-the-art monitor or surround-sound system would be much appreciated by any enthusiast. For more affordable options, game-specific mice and keyboards can give the gamer you know a knee up on the competition.

Game Pairings

While popcorn and a Mountain Dew fountain might pair well with most stereotypical gamers, the truth is much different. The Entertainment Software Association, ESA, found in a recent survey that gamers 36 years of age or older outnumber the gamers between the ages of 18-35. Furthermore, they found while many people assume most gamers to be male, 49 percent are female. For a special gift for an over-21 gamer, a nice bottle of wine pairs perfectly with the newest game for Xbox or Playstation.

Board Game Revival

While video games have beat down the board game industry for some time, many tabletop games have seen a revival in recent years, albeit on tablets. While many gamers are reliving their adventures of yesteryear, the feel of real dice in the hand, the clattered sound as they hit the table, is part of the experience gamers miss. That’s where Dice+ comes in. Dice+ is a bluetooth die that links with tablets and smartphones in order to deliver a tabletop atmosphere. Whether you enjoy a fight with dragons in Talisman, or want to explore dungeons in an online D&D group with 3D Virtual Tabletop, Dice+ can help gamers relive nostalgic moments of years past.

While many of these gift ideas are for those who don't want to break the bank, nothing is more welcome in a gamer’s life than a brand new game, and sometimes it's the obvious choice.

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