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Phantasmat: The Dread of Oakville - Preview

As the storm rages on through the gloomy night, a wayward traveler gets lost in the forest wilderness of the American northeast and stumbles upon a seemingly deserted town of Oakville.

A home of the three industrious American families, the small area appears to be the momentary safe haven for the reasons which could hardly be described as natural – the rampant storm is the weakest within the town limits.

Tucked away in the small valley and concealed from sight behind the faint mists of the placid mountain lake, the panorama of the prosperous community serves as a façade for a terrifying secret that involves all the residents but can be traced back to one mysterious figure – Mr. Nightingale.

The shadows are closing in. Can you leave the town before the time runs out and shed light on the sinister origins of Mr. Nightingale, the eponymous dread of Oakville? 

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