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Easy On the Eyes: How To Reduce Eye Strain While Gaming

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just a casual button-masher, staring at a screen for too long can really strain your eyes. What are the steps you can take to limit eye strain while gaming? From specialized glasses to custom lighting and shades, here are some tips for keeping your eyes safe and your vision at the top of its game.

1) Lighting:

In gaming, lighting is important; if the light is too bright, you may find yourself straining and squinting to make out the image on the screen. If it’s too dark in the room, the changing brightness of the screen makes your eyes work extra hard, dilating in a constant attempt to regulate the amount of light taken in. This type of eye strain can lead to long-term eye problems.

To achieve the perfect level of lighting, it's helpful if you have shades, blinds or window coverings that can be adjusted according to the time of day. Especially for hardcore gamers, solar shades would probably work best as they self-adjust to regulate the natural sunlight in the room.

On the flip side, you’ll probably want some good adjustable lighting. Make sure the lighting in your gaming room is just right with dimmer switches. Track lights are also an option, as they can be pointed in the direction that fits your needs the best.

2) Gaming Glasses:

These might be for the more hardcore gamer, but are also perfect for those with highly sensitive eyes. Gaming glasses may seem like a gimmick, but many professional gamers wear the protective glasses to reduce eye strain, as they filter out the light waves that televisions and computer screens emit while you’re gaming. But how does this help? When you play video games, you blink less, which causes eye irritation. Gunnar glasses are custom tinted lenses that block artificial blue light, UV light and even cut down on glare. The lenses used in these gaming glasses sharpen and aid in natural focusing, so to reduce strain.

3) Habits, Preparation, and Atmosphere:

One way to prevent eye strain is as simple as practicing responsible gaming habits, which means taking regular breaks. This might seem obvious but it’s easy to get caught up in video games sometimes and have a day pass away while you’re glued to the screen. On breaks, it’s important to focus your eyes on distant objects for at least 20 minutes and also exposing yourself to natural light. It’s also a good idea to keep eye drops and ibuprofen nearby if you know you’re sitting down for a long game session. The eye drops are good for your eyes when they dry out due to a lack of blinking while playing and the ibuprofen will alleviate the pain eye strain brings if your eyes get tired.

Eye strain is dangerous and can cause long-term effects; however, with good gaming habits and the right atmosphere, you can limit or prevent eye strain from interfering with your gaming and your life.

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