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Phantasmat: The Endless Night - Developer Interview

The acclaimed Phantasmat franchise has been passed on from developer to developer during the recent years, from Codeminion, to ERS-G and now to Eipix. Meet Nataša Mladenović, the Premium Producer of Phantasmat: The Endless Night to learn about all the things going on behind-the-scenes and why Phantasmat: The Endless Night is the game worth playing!


Hi there! Can you please introduce yourselves?

Hello to you too! We are a small group of people working at Eipix Entertainment and it is such an honor we were given this opportunity to make a second sequel to one of the best HOPA games ever – Phantasmat. Beside our little team, there are storytellers, video and audio teams, character artists and, of course, Santa’s little helpers that have assisted us in the process of making a game we are so proud of.

Was it difficult to continue such a highly-anticipated series?

Yes, it was very difficult because the original Phantasmat has set very high standards which cannot be easily achieved and measured up to. We believe that with every sequel comes a great responsibility of trying to meet the expectations of players. The greatest struggle was keeping the balance between the old and the new.

What did you do to preserve the qualities that made the original Phantasmat so popular and what did you do differently?

We tried to keep the eerie atmosphere, specific graphics, recognizable characters and, most of all, construct the interesting story. When we thought that we hit the target with these basic elements, we have spiced it up with some interesting puzzles, new HOPs and added a touch of Eipix and a twist of ourselves in the whole game.

Which aspect of Phantasmat: The Endless Night are you most proud of?

We are mostly proud of the atmosphere throughout the game. Also, we are very satisfied with the uniformity and mystery of graphics in the entire game as well as mind-tingling nature and authenticity of our mini games. As for Match 3 – we are totally addicted to it. Who are we kidding? We are proud of every aspect of the game, especially of the fact that game is finally on the market!

What kind of challenges did you encounter while creating them?

The original Phantasmat creates tension with players because the game play is rather slow and it draws us into the world of inanimate colors. On the other hand, today's games require some faster game plays and the higher intensity of colors (vivid colors). I think the biggest challenge during the production was trying to walk a clear line between these elements and make Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector’s Edition both the HOPA game of today and a respectful legacy.

What is your favorite scene in the game?

We couldn’t agree about our favorite. Each person in the team gave some of the scenes a tiny little touch that made the particular scene favorite to her/him. But I think we might all agree that the amusement park was the most interesting part of the game.

How long it took to develop the game?

About eight months including all stages of production.

Are there any upcoming projects or sequels currently under development that you would like to share with us and the readers?

We are currently working on a couple of projects. Some of them will be on the market soon, such as Sea of Lies: Burning Coast and Of the Record: The Art of Deception. Some of them are in the middle of production such as Danse Macabre: Deadly Deception and the next chapter in The Amaranthine Voyage saga. This year will be full of surprises coming out of Eipix, so be prepared and stay tuned.


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