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New Releases With Appreciated Time Commitments

With so many titles available for modern consoles, gamers have come to gauge the return on their investments by gameplay. The number of video games to choose from is overwhelming—there are nearly 1,700 games for the PS3 alone—and most gamers buy what delivers the most gameplay for the buck.
Below are a few new games that will give you hours of meaningful gameplay and are definitely worth your investment.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

“Borderlands” games have always been long on content and feel more like MMORPGs than they do shooters, and “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!” is no exception to that rule. Set in the events leading up to the second game but after the first game, “The Pre-Sequel!” allows players to experience the world of Pandora from a completely different perspective and fills in the events that took place between the titles. Additionally, 2K Games has always released bountiful DLC for the “Borderlands” franchise in the form of new areas, quests, playable characters and game modes. In fact, “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!” has two narrative DLCs already available, including the “Holodome Onslaught” which includes new narrative content, weapons, enemies, class mods, heads and skins for characters. The “Holodrome Onslaught” DLC even includes a new “Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode” and an expanded level cap that offers ten new levels of skill points so you can build an even more insanely powerful Vault Hunter to blast through Psychos with. For a game that has only been out a few months, the new “Borderlands” is already bursting at the seams with content that will keep you occupied for months to come.

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has always piled the content high in their “Grand Theft Auto” series of games and “Grand Theft Auto V” is no slacker, but the recently updated version for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One has even more content. New features include a wide variety of events and other additions, including new shooting range challenges and a new wildlife photography activity. “Grand Theft Auto V” was already a colossal game: How Long To Beat averages the time to complete the main story at more than 30 hours and more than 76 hours to complete every challenge and activity in the game. With so much to do in Los Santos and its surroundings, “Grand Theft Auto V” is a sprawling game that will have you playing for a long time to come.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The newest chapter in Bioware's “Dragon Age” series of action, role-playing games, “Dragon Age: Inquisition” gives players unprecedented access to the world of Thedas. Taking place across the two nations of Ferelden and Orlais, Inquisition is rich with content and lands to explore. More open-ended and player-driven than previous titles in the series, “Inquisition” has more than 85 hours of gameplay right out of the box. Your race, gender, and class influence much of the games content, and playing through as ever premutation of the Inquisitor would require more than 20 play-throughs, so a true completionist could spend more than a thousand hours experiencing the world of Thedas from every point of view available. Some of the greatest elements of “Dragon Age” titles are the number of branching decisions available and the way your specific character can react to them. “Inquisition” offers so many unique dialogue options that you could play for hundreds of hours without ever making the same decisions.

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