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3 Ways to Bring Your Gaming Experience into the Real World

Gaming offers some pretty incredible experiences we could never dream of having in the real world. I can't run around Liberty City stealing cars and punching pedestrians on the street—without going to prison. I can't go on a raid to kill the Litch King—and pray for that sweet chest piece drop. I can't fight a Black Ops mission deep inside Russian territory. These are all escapes I can only get from gaming.
But there are a lot of things we do in games that are available in real life. And hey, I'm not saying that we should collectively throw our Xbox and PlayStation consoles in the trash and finally play outside like our parents always told us to—there's no substitute for a great game—but some of these hobbies are worth trying. If you're hooked on certain games, there are some hobbies out there that could knock your socks off.


Believe it or not, Minecraft is the top online game for the Xbox 360, and Minecraft players create some incredible feats in creative mode. One man spent two years building a 1:1 scale metropolis that could make New York City jealous.
You probably played with Legos as a kid, but chances are you either followed the directions or built a multi-colored stack to impress your parents. But now, the catalog of different lego pieces is so vast that enthusiasts are building some incredible models, including an Airbus A380, the USS Harry S. Truman and a V8 Engine.

Forza Horizon 2

Aside from the cool custom features in Forza Horizon 2, the series is a very sophisticated racing simulation that covers all engineering and physical aspects of cars.
Sure, you're not going to run out and buy an F1 Ferrari, but you can have the experience of racing in real life. Places like Skip Barber Racing School in Georgia offer lessons to pros and novices and the school teaches people how to race behind the wheel of a real speed machine, and these schools are planted all over the country, from California to Florida.
As for motorbiking, there are dirt bikes and motorcycle equipment on sale from retailers like BikeBandit on the web. And, motorcycling is much cheaper than a Ferrari—trust me.

Call of Duty

Almost every gun from the Call of Duty franchise is illegal to own in the United States—even the EMP charge. But that doesn't mean it's illegal for someone else to own those guns and let you shoot them on their property. There are clubs in the United States with some of the biggest, baddest guns on the planet that you can shoot for a not-so-high price.
Scottsdale Gun Club in Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the most popular of its kind in the country and has everything. Assault rifles, snipers, machine guns, and even .50 caliber rifles—all of them available for you to fire. Guns are typically rented by the hour and you pay for any ammo you shoot.

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