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Why do gamers cheat?

The concept of cheating is often negatively viewed and regarded. the society views it as the easy way out for someone who is lazy and cannot bother to do the work. So why do gamers cheat when playing video games or online games, even if they know they would probably be condemned for their actions?

There are several different reasons on why people cheat in computer games. Firstly, despite knowing that cheating is a contemptible action, players feel like the rewards for cheating are way worth the price. The truth is that when a player has finished playing the game, cheating can mess up the game a lot. This often includes unlocking new features, levels or items. Besides, it is also one of the ways for the developer to reward the most dedicated players. A guest player claims that 'Cheating enhanced the game to a whole new level', he cheats just for the thrill of playing something different and extending the game, cheat codes create a gaming experience that is unique to each player. We must admit that we want to play God sometimes; cheating seems to unlock us limitless opportunities to mess with the game and control its soul. This can be amusing especially if the game is tediously boring.

Players also often cheat if the game is imperfectly designed or if the game is too difficult, this case is most common among the beginners who are relatively inexperience. Sometimes the developer has developed a game that is overly challenging and that it seems impossible to achieve. Cheating is the way for the player to complete the game they have spent their money on, without abandoning the game and letting their money goes to waste.

Furthermore, cheating allows players to rush through to the end of the game. Players might experience frustration or confusing when they were playing the game to the point that they just want to get it over with. Although they are bored, they often do not want to just leave the game mid-stream, they want to know the ending! Cheating provides them just that opportunity to fly through the game in no time, avoiding all the difficult obstacles they might face on their way and land them at the finish line. Despite this, players need to understand that cheating will wear out the enjoyment of the game at a much faster rate.

The last common reason is the result from competition, whether between the player's group of friends or just to show off their skills on online communities. Worst case scenario, the player can cheat his online in-game friends out of their game credits using fake accounts and hack codes. A Forbes' article by Mia Consalvo suggests that 'In such situations, the value is found not in the cheating itself, but in our reaction to it.'.

Cheating or not, each player enjoys his or her game in different way. Thanks to websites like Hacked Arcade Games, players can now easily play hacked games online, leaving out all the frustration or even request their own hacked games.

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