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Green City: Go South - Review

Melesta is back once again with the third game in the studio's famous Time Management franchise, Green City. This time, your objective is to build a green paradise right in the middle of the ocean; although it might not be revolutionary, it is undeniably fun to play.


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If you have already played the first two Green City games, you should not have any problems get Go South started. As usual, Green City: Go South started off pretty easy with a couple of tutorial-like levels before it lets you handle tasks on your own. The real challenge begins around level 8, when the difficulty bar has really raised and time limit becomes a concern. We all know that Green City is not a Building series for the beginners, and Go South seems to go along with this similar level of challenge. In each level, you have to plan every move very carefully as well as strategize your future moves. There is no real Relaxed or Untimed mode in the game, even though it is not really a serious issue since you can still complete the level after the time ran out, just without those shiny stars.

Green City: Go South is pretty much like every other Green City games, you can build four types of buildings; Residential, Prestige, Commercial and Power Plants and complete level tasks like reaching a threshold income, population ,prestige level and build a set number of buildings.

Nonetheless, the visuals in Green City: Go South have improved. The graphics are crystal clear with bright colors and pleasant effects; the green and the blue, which seem to be the main palette used here also contrat each other perfectly. There are no voice-overs during the game's minimal number of comic strips, but the music is cheery and charming.

There are 48 levels in total and a handful of Awards to collect; 48 levels might not sound extremely long, but sine you are probably going to spend a significant amount of time replaying and perfecting each level, 48 levels lasted satisfying long for us.

Green City: Go South is one of those few games in today's market, which really required some brain-power. The challenge is there, along with the addicting entertainment and great presentation. If you loved its predecessors, then Go South should be another winner.

Graphics: 4.5/5 Stars
Sound: 4/5 Stars
Levels: 4.5/5 Stars
Originality: 3/5 Stars
Interface: 4.5/5 Stars
Gameplay: 4/5 Stars
Fun Factor: 4/5 Stars


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