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Deadlings - Preview

Deadlings is an upcoming Arcade game from Artifex Mundi and Nimbi Studios. The game will be released for iOS and Android devices very soon...

The Dawn of the Deadlings is here! Explore an extraordinary story of friendship and hard work as Death struggles to make friends and improve his image.  Deadlings is a unique puzzle arcade game, full of brains, puzzles and pure fun.

Death is lonely… he doesn’t have any friends. As if that weren’t bad enough, people are protesting against zombies loitering the streets. Death decides to take action and kickstart the mysterious “Deadlings Project”. He removes the troublesome undead from the streets and puts them to work in his factory, training the decayed bunch to be productive citizens! 

Death’s lab is filled with deadly traps and puzzles that test each zombie’s skills to the extreme. Fortunately, the zombies in Death’s lab have some unique talents: Bonesack can sprint and jump for distance like it’s nobody’s business, Creep is a climber that sticks to walls and ceilings, Lazybrain takes each step with slow and careful calculation, and Stencher has mastered the art of flying by passing gas.

Each Deadling’s abilities must be fully exploited to successfully navigate the maze. Reflexes, a good eye and strategic mind are required to conquer Death’s labyrinth.

But with over 100 levels, it will be no small task. Will the deadly cute zombies have what it takes to graduate from Project Deadlings? Will Death finally have a chance to save his reputation and make friends?
  • Deadly Task: 100 levels filled with brain-bending puzzles and gruesome traps
  • Meet the D-Team: help Bonesack, Lazybrain, Creep and Stencher jump, crawl, fly and run out of Death’s maze – each zombie type possesses a unique skill!
  • Two Modes Available: Plan the path your undead recruits will take in strategy mode so you don’t waste resources, then switch to arcade mode and guide them through to the end using quick reflexes and a keen eye
  • Brains: Score big points and unlock achievements by collecting brains
  • Teamwork: switch between your zombies to solve challenging puzzles
  • Rewarding Replays: Replay previously completed stages to earn great bonuses
  • Help Out a Grim Reaper in Need: He’s really a nice guy… honestly!

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