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Pet Zoometery - Review

Pet Zoometery

Name: Pet Zoometery
Release Date: 19 December 2013
Developer: Gogii Games/G5 Entertainment

There are surely tons of iOS Freemium titles with the theme of pet, zoo and other animal-related themes. Pet Zoometery is the latest addition to the collection, but this time, what if the animals are zombie-like?

Pet Zoometery

 HD for iPad

Pet Zoometery has an interesting concept based on a familiar theme. The graphics are pleasant to look at, colorful and charming although the colors are not as vibrant as they could be.  The animals look super-cute and their animations are just lovely; the background music is also fine, fun without being distracting.

The good thing about Pet Zoometery is that it offers a huge variety of animals to buy and pet in your zoo. There is also a nice range of quests to complete and several amusing attractions to build. Pet Zoometery is quite a creative game actually, as it contains some unique elements such as the ability to train your pets by using finger gestures or the feature which allows you to cross-breed animals to mutate them into a brand new animal  specie. 

However, the problem Pet Zoometery experiences is a relatively major one. The game is far to slow-paced, you have to wait and wait for in-game items to load and therefore, it takes quite an annoyingly long time to progress from level to level. Of course, if you wish to move a little faster, money comes in as an option. Which leads us in to another main issue of the game, money is often tight. There are in-app purchases somehow hidden nearly everywhere, unless you would like to wait - it feels a little like we are forced to purchase those in-apps.

Pet Zoometery has a potential to be a great sim game with good concept and some cool features but the slow progression and the extreme in-app purchases drain the life and fun out of the game.

Pet Zoometery


Pet Zoometery

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