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Best of 2013: Top 20 Editors' Picks

The results for Best of 2013 Awards are coming up in the next two days, while waiting, let's check out what our own editors think are the best premium downloadable games of this year. The games included in this list are games released from December 1st 2012 through November 30th 2013 - here are the top 20 games!

20.) The Tribloos 2 (Bumpkin Brothers)


Do not let the simple look of this game put you off, because The Tribloos 2 has much more than that to offer. It is mind-blowing how a team of two people can put out a great game like this, it is unique and of course, super fun.

19.) Tales of Lagoona 2: Peril at Poseidon Park (Playcademy)


Tales of Lagoona 2 is the game where you can sit and enjoy with your kids and friends, it is entertaining, relaxing and super creative. It featured a huge variety of gameplay, various types of HOs and different puzzles - what a game!

18.) The Snow Fable (Alawar/Wellore)


The Snow is one fabulous game! It is not just a plain Match 3 after Natch 3 game, it involves some adventure elements as well as a great storyline. It is just so awesome and addicting we could not stop playing it.

17.) Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat (Blue Tea Games)


How can one knows that a nursery rhyme can be adapted into such amazing HOPA? Cursery is dark and beautiful at the same time, with Blue Tea's signature gorgeous graphics and solid story - Cursery deserves a space on our list.

16.) Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow (Elephant Games)


Mystery Trackers is one of the legendary HOPA franchises and this fifth game is better than ever! Elephant Games has undoubtedly done another outstanding job on this game, Mystery Trackers never cease to amaze us.

15.) European Mystery: Scent of Desire (Blam! Games)


European Mystery is a classy HOPA game which is simply amazing. From fantastic graphics, neat gameplay to interesting story - European Mystery has it all.

14.) Surface: The Soaring City (Elephant Games)


The Soaring City might be the best Surface game to date. It is excellently crafted in a visually impressive package, the creativity is vivid which makes the game so enjoyable. If you are ready to go on an imaginative adventure, The Soaring City would not let you down.

13.) Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches (Nitreal Games/World-Loom/Intenium)


What do you think of when you think about Builder games? Gardens Inc is a Builder game which is nothing like the others in the genre, it has wonderful graphics and super addicting gameplay - Gardens Inc should be an instant classic!

12.) Otherworld: Omens of Summer (Boomzap Entertainment)


Boomzap takes us on another amazing journey in this second Otherworld game. There is something for everyone in this sequel, from beautiful graphics, good storyline and innovative gameplay.

11.) Off the Record: Linden Shades (Eipix Entertainment)


Off the Record is not just another adventure game, its story sucked us in right away and we were a bit sad when it ended. If you love classic, old-school eerie detective story, Off the Record is the one to add to your collection.

10.) Christmas Stories: Nutcracker (Elephant Games)


When this game was released last December, it has created a lot of buzz; it is acclaimed by many players as well as critics - it is that awesome, that is why it ranks in the top 10 of our list. If you have not played it yet, just take a moment to try it out, you would definitely in love with The Nutcrackers!

9.) The Lake House: Children of Silence (Alawar Friday's Games)


The Lake House might not be as awesome as last year's Dark Strokes, but it certainly comes close. This year is flooded with fantasy adventures, not following the trend - The Lake House offers solid scares, plenty of creepy elements and spooky story.

8.) Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival (Elephant Games)


It is Mystery Case Files, what more can we say. Although this game is being done by a different developer, the quality remains solid. In our opinion, it is the best MCF game since The 13th Skull - do you agree?

7.) Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown (Playrix Entertainment)


Resource management or builder games are now the new era of Time Management genre. Following last year's fantastic sequel, this third game in the famous Royal Envoy series does not disappoint - with colorful graphics and humorous dialouges, Campaign for the Crown should be the perfect choice to play with your family.

6.) Sea of Lies: Mutiny of the Heart (Eipix Entertainment)


If you are a sucker for sea adventures, Sea of Lies should be right up your alley. It might not be very challenging or filled with magic and spells - but it is looks real and it feels real. Moreover, it is super entertaining and of course, memorable.

5.) Nearwood (MagicIndie Softworks)


Have you ever wanted to live in a game? Well, we felt exactly that when we finished playing Nearwood. Nearwood is literally one of the most beautiful HOPAs we have ever admired and not just that, the game itself is excellent as well!

4.) Rite of Passage: Child of the Forest (Mad Head Games)


Child of the Forest is the sequel to last year's winner of Best Adventure Game award. We do not know how but it seems like the developer has managed to top The Perfect Show with this sequel; as a result, Child of the Forest is as perfect as a HOPA could be.

3.) Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call (Artifex Mundi)


Artifex Mundi has proven to us from times to times why the developer deserves 2012's Best Developer award. The Siren's Call is another flawless example from the developer, with top-notch graphics and exciting gameplay; there is no reason not to love this game.

2.) Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood (Artifex Mundi)


We have been waiting for this HOPA sequel for two years, but it is definitely worth the long wait. Enigmatis 2 has everything you need in a HOPA game, the story is one of the most engaging stories we have seen in a long time and who can forget about its amazing visuals?

1.) Nevertales: The Beauty Within (Mad Head Games)


And our top choice is, no doubt, Nevertales: The Beauty Within! Nevertales is a game like no other, it has stunning views, captivating story, creative puzzles, loaded extras and we can just go on and on praising the game. 2013 is the golden year for Mad Head Games, although with only two releases, each release sets the standard of the HOPA genre higher than ever - we can only see bright future ahead of the studio. 

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