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Nevertales: The Beauty Within - Developer Interview

Nevertales: The Beauty Within

Who have not  played Nevertales: The Beauty Within yet? then you better hurry! Nevertales is literally one of the best Hidden Object Adventure games ever created, it is filled with vivid imagination and creativity accompanied by glowing visuals and rock-solid story. Nevertales team lead, Ivan Zorkic, who is behind all of this greatness is here to talk with us.


Nevertales: The Beauty Within

What is your inspiration to create Nevertales?

Actually, I’ve always thought of Nevertales as a metaphor for imagination and creativity in people. So, in a way, when we set out to create Nevertales, our inspiration was - inspiration itself. We just finished Rite of Passage, our first HOPA game, and we knew we were going to do a sequel, but we also knew we wanted to start a new series. Something different. Digging through our mental stash of ideas, we started talking about how stories get made, about the process of coming up with new places and characters. And then we thought: what if all those things weren’t something that just formed in our heads, what if they were real, what if they existed somewhere? What if there was a world where all those tales were true, and we drew our creative juices from that world? And that’s how it all began.

Where does the name Nevertales comes from?

What do you call stories that aren’t stories at all? Stories that are filled with magic and fantasy, but instead of being fiction they are a sort of alternate reality, with real people living their lives, going around their business. These aren’t tales at all – they are Nevertales! Also, it sounds cool and memorable, and that is important for a new game series.

Nevertales: The Beauty Within

Compared to Rite of Passage, what is different about Nevertales?

You could say that Nevertales has a lighter theme than Rite of Passage, but it also has a serious message behind it - and some serious emotions running through it. If Rite of Passage is our spooky-detective-campfire story, Nevertales is our fantasy adventure. Rite of Passage is an experience, and Nevertales is a ride. Both games are, in a way, dealing with self-discovery and overcoming your own limits. But while Rite of Passage is all about defeating your fears – Nevertales is about finding the love inside. Yeah, it is, basically, a love story:one big romance. Also with giants, treasure islands and cannons shooting people to the moon.

Nevertales: The Beauty Within

Which aspect in Nevertales are you most proud of?

One of our trailers for the game starts by mentioning the area “between the lines of a good story”. And just like that - the best aspect of Nevertales, actually, lies between the obvious things. Among all those “wow” moments, fantastic scenes, amazing adventures (and they truly are amazing!)… A message of human spirit and creativity carries over. And with a game filled with such fantastic worlds and events it’s easy to get lost in all the “bang” and just make a fun adventure and nothing more. Instead, Nevertales also has a much more complex, moving, thought-provoking side. I’m really proud of that.

There are so many amazing scenes in the game, which one is your favorite?

We put so much effort into each one that it’s hard to pick. But my personal favorite is the one with the space cannon pointing to the moon. It’s like a motivational poster about exploration, curiosity, knowledge. The idea that even when you’re down, you can always look up and dream.Reminds me of our studio’s beginnings.

Nevertales: The Beauty Within

Which group of players would you recommend Nevertales to?

Everyone! I firmly believe that each and every one of us has that creative, imaginative side within us. The dreamer, the romantic inside. That is the true “Beauty Within”. Everyone can find things to love in Nevertales.

Are there any upcoming projects or sequels currently under development that you would like to share with us and the readers?

We’re really excited about continuing our ongoing series – Rite of Passage and Nevertales. But, also, we have some more surprises in store and we can’t wait to share them with you. In the true spirit of Nevertales: we can’t wait for you to turn the page of our“Mad Head Games” story.

The best is yet to come!

Nevertales: The Beauty Within


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