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Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby - Developer Interview

Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby

Suspense, thriller and entertainment; Dark Cases: The Bloody Ruby is here to offer them all! This latest Hidden Object Adventure game from Boolat Games is currently climbing up the charts and winning the hearts of many gamers all over the world. We have a great opportunity to interview the talented team at Boolat Games on the process behind the game and what the players could expect for the future!


Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby

What is your inspiration to create Dark Cases?

When we discussed the concept of a new game, the idea of ​​making a time-proved detective in the manner of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle sets in the beautiful city seemed to be the most tempting to many of us. Also we chose the Art Nouveau style and sustained the city's architecture, furnishing of all houses and almost any detail which attracting the eye in that style. And fortunately Art Nouveau turned out to be very inspirational for our artists in creating beautiful locations. By the way, some players could notice that few music tracks and flash-back cut scenes were inspired by modern Sherlock Holmes movies.

Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby

What do you think makes Dark Cases stands out as a HOPA game?

Dark Cases is a very atmospheric game. It absorbs all of the player's attention and creates a special mood through the exciting story, excellent graphics and profound soundtrack. We have tried to eliminate any distractions (bells and whistles) to help the player immerse in the story, maybe even forget for a few hours that it is just a HOPA and enjoy the journey to the beautiful and mysterious city, solve puzzles, find the truth.

Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby

What is the biggest challenge you faced when you developing the game?

The biggest challenge and the most interesting thing was to find the storyline that may catch the interest of our players.  We’re always striving for giving good balance of fun and enough level of challenge to casual gamers.

Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby

How long it took you to develop the game?

We started from the idea in June 2012, so it took little more than one year to present Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby to the world. 

What do you think is the most important aspect of a casual adventure game?

We think, for any adventure game, the most important aspect is the adventure. We believe that this genre is intended to help us to gain new experience, new emotions, to go where we never been and do something that we never done before. Such games introduce players with rare fragments of the world, not just repeating the reality, but also letting the players into the imaginary worlds of others.

Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby

Can players expect Dark Cases to be released on mobile devices soon?

Of course! The game will come on mobile devices, but you need to wait a few months.

Are there any upcoming projects or sequels currently under development that you would like to share with us and the readers?

We’re currently working on a new fantasy project in which the players will meet a huge friendly dragon and more. And of course, our studio does not stop researching casual strategies area, the success of “The Promised Land” proves that we are masters in this, so stay tuned and wait for a new strategy from Boolat Games soon.

Dark Cases: The Blood Ruby


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