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Bridgy Jones - Developer Interview

Bridgy Jones

Grow App is a new game developer and their first game did an amazing job on the App Store. As we mentioned in our Review; Bridgy Jones is an entertaining and creative game. The team at Grow App is here to talk with us about how Bridgy Jones was created!

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Bridgy Jones

First of all, we would like to say that there was five people working on this project:Greg Gut, responsible for how this game looks like. Zbigniew Kominek, responsible for the main features and the biggest part of the code (main dev). Mariusz Śpiewak, supporting Zbyszek in the development. Marcin Grochowina, responsible for the project management. Marcin Kluzek, responspible for the level desing (with support of the rest of our team).

How did you come up with the concept of Bridgy Jones?

The concept of our game isn't something new - there was a lot of bridge builders before Bridgy Jones. But we wanted to add something fresh into this category.

So we decided to create a game where the player not only have to build bridges, but also can actually drive somthing through this construction. In the next step we've decided to add some puzzle quests, so that people could have more fun with our game.

At the begining there was an idea to create some bridge building game and first sketches of the main characters and we started to work on a first chapter. After few months we’ve realized that there’s no fun in playing it and the prototype went to trash. We’ve decided to modify the concept and to add elements known from platform games.

Bridgy Jones

There is quite a lot of humor running through the game; what is the idea behind this?

Fun :)
We wanted to give people some memorable characters. They are opposite of sweet heroes present in so many games now-a-days: they are snappish, mean and most of all - they do not care about anything. At all.

Many famous iOS games have their own comic, is Bridgy Jones comic a possibility?

We're not saying it didn't come through our mind. Because we think that Bridgy and Bonner have big potential to become something more than just another no name game characters. So… who knows!

Bridgy Jones

Why do you think Bridgy Jones is worth playing and who will you recommend it to?

Beside the advantages mentioned above (after building your construction you can actually drive the train), designing and editing bridges is enjoyable, graphic design is nice to the eyes and whole product/game is packed with humour. 

The idea was that player is supposed to play each level a few times (2-4 times) in order to fulfill all objectives. For accomplishing all objectives on the levels we reward players with unlocking Awesome Adventures - bonus levels inspired by classical games like arkanoid, ski jumping or basketball. Bonus levels have totally different look and feel - in graphics, music and game control.

There is no "golden rule" to finish Bridgy Jones. You can build your bridges as you want.  The only limits are the amount of bridge elements and... your creativity :)

During work on the balance of the game we were thinking about all kinds of the players. We wanted to create the game that will be interesting to casual and hardcore gamers. 
Some of the reviews confirm that this objective was achieved on some level :)

We hope that everyone will find something for oneself in Bridgy Jones. 

Bridgy Jones

Do you consider releasing Bridgy Jones on other platforms in the future?

Yes, we're thinking about this, but we can't give any date, because right now even we don't know if and when it's gonna happen :)

But it's not like we're cross out any other platforms. We wanted to start with iOS and see how people will react on our concept.

Are they're any upcoming projects currently under development that you would like to share with us and the readers?

First things first - righ't now we want to focus on this title. There are some updates coming which will give players more content.

After this there are some ideas for another projects, so stay tuned.

Bridgy Jones

 Universal App for All Devices

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