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Toy Defense 2 - Review

Toy Defense 2

Name: Toy Defense 2
Release Date: 2 May 2013
Developer: Melesta Games


 For iPhone and iPod Touch
 HD for iPad

Toy Defense 2

the multi-million downloaded game on the App Store is back with its brand new sequel. Toy Defense 2 is basically an improved version of the first Toy Defense. The graphics in this sequel surely have improved; they are more colorful and attractive. Animations and visual effects are more exciting and the music, although feels the same - it suits the game perfectly!

Toy Defense 2 is in one way, very similar to the first Toy Defense. This follow-up is based on the theme of World War 2 and features 3 maps; "Stalingrad", "Operation Crusader" and "Operation Overload", a total of 72 level included. The developers claimed that the vehicles and weapons featured in the game are real weapons that are being used in the second World  War and we believe that is true and that is what makes the game interesting. 

most of the weapons you can purchase are the same as the ones in the first game. However, the Flamethrower is now being replaced Interceptors which can be used to intercept enemy's planes. All weapons are useful in their own way and it is your task to consider which one to use and where on the map to place. 

The developers have stepped up the level of challenge in this sequel since the difficulty increases rapidly after the first two or three levels and a lot of thinking and planning is needed. You can earn up to three stars in each level; in order to get the third star you simply cannot let any of the enemy's vehicle in to your base. At the end of each level, you will be given star currency which can be used to purchase upgrades in the shop. Unfortunately, upgrades are sometimes very costly and some might find it very frustrating - it is quite hard to play without spending real money. 

Toy Defense 2 also introduced you to a new currency which we will call it "Melesta Currency". You can buy and use this currency to purchase power-ups during the game and they can be really helpful if you use them wisely. Another new feature in this sequel is Achievements; earning Achievements will award you with bonus Stars or Melesta Currency!

Although Toy Defense 2 does not featured tons of new features, we believe there is more to come. From the game's menu, we can see that there are features like "Base" and "Reinforce" which are marked 'Coming Soon'. 

Overall, Toy Defense 2 is not very different from the original game in terms of gameplay. However, it included much more challenging levels and interesting concept. Toy Defense 2 is still an extremely entertaining and insanely addicting game to play!

For PC gamers, Toy Defense 2 is not available for Windows yet. Check out the first game if you haven't already!

Toy Defense 2


Toy Defense 2

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