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Secret Gallery: The Mystery Of The Damned Crystal - Preview

Secret Gallery: The Mystery Of The Damned Crystal

Secret Gallery: The Mystery of the Damned Crystal is an upcoming Hidden Object Adventure game with the story inspired by classic movies like the Indiana Jones original trilogy or Romancing the Stone.

The game we intend to develop would belong to the category of HOPA – Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure games. In those games gameplay is mostly based on moving from one location to another in order to find new clues, each allowing to complete given task (tasks themselves are added as the game progresses). For the gameplay to be more interesting, as such games usually lack the action element, additional mini-games are added, such as simple code lock or a jigsaw puzzle, which assembled produce new clues for the player. Present are also the so-called Hidden Objects areas – very popular in casual games. Each such area is full of items from which the player has to choose and click those specified on the list at the bottom of the screen.

HOPA games despite the lack of the action element can be compared to interactive books: the player learns the plot through puzzles, while moving from one chapter to another. To complete a typical game an experienced player would need four to five hours of gameplay.

Secret Gallery: The Mystery Of The Damned Crystal

The entire plot of Secret Gallery revolves around the friendship, or rather what's left of it, between two archeologists who made a breakthrough discovery on a small, deserted volcanic island in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. They found ruins of a civilization able to travel through time and space.

Secret Gallery: The Mystery Of The Damned Crystal

This discovery divided the friends as one wanted to share the news with the world, while the other planned to use the newly-found technology for his own gain. The players begin their quest 20 years after the explorers parted in anger. The granddaughter of one of the researchers asks for help for she fears of being kidnapped. The reasons for those fears are explained in time through gameplay. At this point we can only reveal that the granddaughter will, in fact, be kidnapped and player's goal would be to save her and help to avoid a great cataclysm caused by releasing the ancient force locked within the island.

Secret Gallery: The Mystery Of The Damned Crystal

Players will travel throughout game's world with the use of portals, hidden in different places like a metropolis or art gallery, and finally will explore the entire Pacific island, including its ancient pyramids, hidden mines, shafts, strange residences and forgotten facilities built during the Cold War. Everything rendered with amazing realistic artwork, 3D animation and a stunning number of live-action cut-scenes.

Secret Gallery: The Mystery Of The Damned Crystal

If you are interested in supporting Plata Games to create this anticipating game; visit their Indiegogo page!

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