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Hay Day - Developer Interview

Hay Day

Hay Day is an iOS exclusive freemium farming game from Supercell. The game released in May 2012 and gains its popularity in a blink of time and suddenly becomes one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store. Now, with nearly a year has passed, it can still holds its place in the very top ranks of the Top Grossing app on the App Store. 

Hay Day is a fantastic twist of normal farming game, it involves producing, harvesting, decorating, and selling/buying a variety of different farm products, its graphics are colorful and attractive, gameplay is extremely smooth, the social features are great and yes, it is insanely  addictive! 

Recently, we got in touch with Stephan Demirdjian, product manager of Hay Day to talk a little bit more about this amazing game!

 Universal App for All Devices

Hay Day

There are so many freemium farming games in the market, what makes Hay Day so different and successful?

When we started developing Hay Day we didn’t really look at other farm games but more at the device at hand: What kind of game experience can we create for the iPad and all its technical capabilities? That was when the unique swiping controls were created. We also wanted to build a game where players have freedom over how they manage their farms, rather than giving them quests to fulfill. We trust the players! On top of that, the gameplay is quite realistic. Rather than collecting money directly from the fields, players must collect real crops and then put them to use in various ways in order to sell them and collect coins. The buying and selling in-game also leads to meaningful social interactions, which players enjoy.

Hay Day

How did you come up with fresh, new ideas that continue to please the players?

The whole team is so dedicated to the game themselves, that each member constantly thinks about what they, as players, would like to see next. Naturally we also listen to our fantastic community and pay attention to all the feedback.

The background music in Hay Day is so relaxing and remarkable. Did you compose that yourself?

Finding the perfect score was a process based on several iterations and was part of our vision from the beginning. We took this approach because we knew the game’s score needed to support Hay Day’s relaxed gameplay and would benefit the overall quality of the game. 

Hay Day

What do you think is the most important aspect of an iOS freemium game?

We believe the answer to this is relatively simple: Make a fun game in the first place. Once you have a proven concept, ensure that it offers enough depth to have players enjoy it not only for a week but for years to come. We also believe the best games on a platform are built specifically for that platform – regardless if it’s a freemium or other type of game, So focusing on quality and creating games that are engaging and players want to spend time with is key. 

Do you have any future plans or updates you like to share with our readers?

We are constantly working hard on new and fresh ideas but let me say it this way: A new character might be visiting your farm soon :)

Hay Day

(Universal App)

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