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The Trbiloos 2 - Review

The Trbiloos 2

Name: The Tribloos 2
Release Date: 15 January 2013
Developer: Bumpkin Brothers


(Universal App)

The Trbiloos 2

We did not try the first Tribloos game, we thought the game was just a basic kiddie game. However,with all the rave reviews the first game seems to received, we think this sequel would be worth a try - and look what we have found, a little Builder gem!

The hand-drawn watercolor-styled graphics are simple but beautiful, the graphics are definitely not the best we have seen; look quite outdated but that is what makes the game different right? Judging by the screenshots of the first game, we are quite sure that this is a massive improvements from the first game also. Despite the simple graphics, we are glad to see that the background scenes are not static but they come with little animations too. The music is original and not irritating at all, it is melodic and fits the game just right!

The gameplay is in one way similar to other Builder games but in one way very different, you need to guide the workers to collect resources and build buildings - but instead of the normal human workers, the characters in the game are cool little blue fluffy dudes called the Tribloos! They are extremely cute and the way they animate is incredibly enjoyable to watch. The area of the game is also not spaced-out as a land like in other Builder games, in The Tribloos 2 it spaced out in some kind like levels in which the Tribloos will climb up and down the ladders to complete tasks.

The main resource you need to collect is wood but there are also more types of resources available as the game progresses. The variety of building is also impressive, from house, sawmills to bakery and many more. Whether you are building or working, you can often add more Tribloos to help complete the work faster. Therefore, you need many many workers! Luckily, the developers have all planned out; workers are really easy to get since by building a house can increase the number of workers by five! Unlike in many other Builder games where all levels are very similar to each other, in this game, there is something new in almost every levels.

The game has only one mode but it is not a problem at all. The one mode offered can be played as a Timed or Untimed mode as you wish because by it is not necessary to finish the level in the time given; but if you do finish in time, you will be rewarded more points. Furthermore, the game is extremely challenging that completing a level with Gold rank is very hard but it is always entertaining to replay the levels. The Tribloos 2 consists of over 75 standard levels, 5 Bonus levels at the end of each location and 15 Challenge levels - the total of 95 levels!

To conclude, The Trbiloos 2 is a cute, entertaining and a unique family-fun Time Management/Builder game - there is nothing to complain about. Do not mistaken and look at it as another kiddie arcade-type game because the game worth far more than that, try it and you will be in love with The Tribloos!!!

Graphics: 4/5 Stars
Sound: 5/5 Stars
Levels: 5/5 Stars
Interface: 5/5 Stars
Gameplay: 4.5/5 Stars
Fun Factor: 5/5 Stars

The Trbiloos 2


The Trbiloos 2

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