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Sable Maze: Sullivan River - Developer Interview

Sable Maze: Sullivan River

Sable Maze: Sullivan River is the latest horror Hidden Object Adventure from Daily Magic Productions, we've got a great chance to talk with the developers at Daily Magic about the development of the game.


Sable Maze: Sullivan River

What is the your inspiration to create Sable Maze?

For the setting we were inspired by the teenage horror stories happened in the camp, like Friday 13. For the story, we were very intrigued by the idea of the tales, that kids telling at night, coming to life.

We thought that it’s very creepy to tell the story at night, like it’s usually happening in the camp , and next day it happened in reality. The labyrinth in the game was created to add more mystery and build up the historical background for the land, where the summer camp was build. We also thought that it’s scary when the reality is affected by the violent events, happened in the camp. In our game it’s the poor boy Sullivan, who went to the camp and took apples with him, so he’ll be able to find the way back by dropping them on the ground. But cruel kids took his apples and he never went back. His mother, Atlantia, went to labyrinth to look for him, and died in the center, because she didn’t find them. The huge tree grown on the place where she died and she was reborn into the dryad. And she now wants to punish all bad kids. (sorry for telling you the story, just in case you need it)

Sable Maze: Sullivan River

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you developing the game?

Our idea was to build an interesting story and create mysterious atmosphere of children camp mixed with old Celtic legends. We simply wanted to make interesting and creepy game, that will intrigue players and make them move forward.

The main challenge we met was to show all aspects of the story and relationships of the characters, involved in it – Derrick, Quentin, Dryad/Alyssa, Sullivan and missing kids. Also it was kinda hard to show Derrick not as a looser, but as a kid with his own philosophy and desires, as well as his favor to help the kids, no matter that they were mean to him.

Also it was a bit hard to make the game dark and scary, but without too dark art.

Sable Maze: Sullivan River

Why did you chose 'Abandoned Summer Camp' as the main location (or main theme) for this game?

Because we think that our players might be familiar with summer camps, where all of us have our special memories and secrets. The events happened in our youth are in most cases affecting our personality and make us change something in our life or our relationship to life. Also we think that this setting is very scary, because usually the camps are in the woods and far from civilization. So if something bad is happening, it’s waste of time to ask for help.

Sable Maze: Sullivan River

How you came up with the idea of the evil trees?

We were trying to imagine what could happen in the woods and what could be the scariest legends that kids tell to each other in the camp. So it should be something that you see every day when you are in the camp, and the trees are part of it.

We liked some movies that shoving this phenomenon, like “Guard” and think that it’s nice character – Dryad that holds trees around the area in power.

Sable Maze: Sullivan River

How long it took you to develop the game?

It took us about 8 months to make the game.

Do you personally enjoy playing the game? and why?

We love this game and its atmosphere, if you’re playing alone in the room at night you might be very scared. We love quests that fit into the story and challenging puzzles.

Are there any upcoming projects or sequels currently under development that you would like to share with us and the readers?

It’s a secret. We just can say that you should be already scared and intrigued.

Sable Maze: Sullivan River


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