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Botanica: Into the Unknown - Developer Interview

Botanica: Into the Unknown

Boomzap Entertainment always created great games. Botanica is another captivating Hidden Object Adventure game. Mary Tan, Philippines-based Junior Designer of Botanica is here to tell us more about the game.


Botanica: Into the Unknown

What is the your inspiration to create Botanica?

We wanted Botanica to be a fantasy game like Awakening, but without magic. Our creative director (Chris Natsuume) and designer (Luna Cruz) came up with the premise of an explorer trapped on an alien planet, and we worked with Big Fish Games in fleshing out the world of Botanica.

Botanica: Into the Unknown

What is the biggest challenge you faced when you developing the game?

The most challenging part of developing Botanica was making the world unique. We had to devote time to make the art style different, but still keep the plants and animals familiar and relatable. We had to balance the sense of strangeness to make Botanica interesting but not too alien to the players.

Botanica: Into the Unknown

How you came up with the picture of strange animals and plants?

We began with photo references of different plants and animals, and let the design evolve by either modifying or merging features from different references together. For example, we combined a water lily and sunflower together to make a new species of plant. Another example is mixing together a butterfly and a hawk.

How long it took you to develop the game?

Botanica took us about a year to develop.

Botanica: Into the Unknown

What do you enjoy the most when you play the game? And why?

I personally enjoy playing the subgames in the Botanist Kit, because I really feel that I’m independently making items that can help me, rather than the game just giving me what I need. I also stop and stare at the scenery; I can’t help but admire how pretty Botanica is!

Botanica: Into the Unknown

Why you chose to develop a relaxing, charming game instead of a horror, spooky one that seems to be like a trend now?

Boomzap has always created games that are “bright and beautiful”. We wanted to provide the players with an alternative to the usual dark genre and show you can still make wonderful stories through these games.

Botanica: Into the Unknown

Are there any upcoming projects or sequels currently under development that you would like to share with us and the readers?

All I can say is we have a new Dana Knightstone sequel coming out very soon. Boomzap will continue to do our best to make fun games for everyone. Thank you for continuing to support us!

Botanica: Into the Unknown


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