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The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus - Developer Interview

The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus is a new Hidden Object Adventure game from a new developer "Two Desparados". Recently, we've reviewed and rated the game 4 Stars! Vojislav Milutinović is now here to tell us more about the game!


What is the your inspiration to create The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus?

We were inspired by desire to create a game that we’d like to play. Bright and relaxing, just as our view of life is.

What is the biggest challenge you faced when you developing the game?

The Team !!! Although game development is going through various processes in which we faced diferent kinds of problems, both technical and creative ones, gathering the team who can face and bear with all those challenges was definitely the trickiest part. With good team each problem becomes a chellenge to be solved, and by all these we make new, higer boundaries for ourselves.

Tell us about name "Two Desperados"

It’s our personal story , Maria and me have started this our little quest and as always in life you are alone on this road.

What is different about The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus?

I’ll try to explain this in one word – passion. Nowadays there are many HO games and development teams which approach the work in an automated way. We decided to create something that we like, something we’d like to play and I hope that we managed to achieve it. We have measured and checked each detail carefully, so after 1.5 year we could finally release our first game.

How long it took you to develop the game?

As mentioned in previous answer, game development lasted about year and a half, and idea of developing such game – almost two.

Since this is your first game, what do you think about the game personally?

This will probably sound like a cliche, but I’m more than satisfied how audience accepted and reacted to the game. I believe that it hit the moment when our player needs some rest of daily responsibilities an wants to enter the adventure and mystery world.

Why you chose to create a 'bright and relaxing' game instead of a 'dark and thrilling' one?

I think that the market is overloaded with games of similar stories, similar effects... That’s why we decided to create something which isn’t common and will make our players feel brighter and relaxed.

Are there any upcoming projects or sequels currently under development that you would like to share with us and the readers?

Am I allowed to share this? J Of course, we have two new projects wchih will be released in 2013. The only thing I could say at this point is that with those projects we’ll make huge step ahead in the way Hidden Object / Adventure games will be played!


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