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The Agency of Anomalies: The Last Performance - Developer Interview

The Agency of Anomalies is one of the very well-known Hidden Object Adventure series, and "The Last Performance", the latest installment of the series was really great also! We've caught up with Sergey Bigas, the Game Producer at Orneon to talk about The Last Performance!


What is the your inspiration to create The Agency of Anomalies from the start?

From the first game of Agency series we were trying to create the mix of detective and paranormal themes. And we believed that epoch of early twenties of XX century will the most atmospheric. As it turned out, we found a right direction. Besides, movies, books and old photos were our source of inspiration.

What is the biggest challenge you faced when you developing the game?

I think the biggest challenge is to find the solid, unique and intriguing storyline to satisfy the majority of our players. From the gameplay point, we are trying to keep the perfect balance of difficulty to stay engaging for both novices and experienced players.

How long it took you to develop the game?

On an average development takes up to nine months. We are trying to optimize development process and shorten release time since our fans are looking forward for the sequels.

Why do you think The Agency of Anomalies 3 is worth playing?

First of all because of unique and atmospheric storyline and challenging puzzles. Also, the final of the game will surprise the players.

Which of the three The Agency of Anomalies game is your favorite?

It is hard to select the best one, since we love them all. I would point out brilliant cut scenes from first game and “live” characters from the second. Third part is the most beautiful and atmospheric, I think.

Will there be more The Agency of Anomalies in the future? Or The Last Performance will be the final chapter.

I don’t want to reveal all curtains so far. I believe Agency of Anomalies still have what to show and say to our players. 


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