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The Promised Land - Review

Name: The Promised Land
Release Date: 28 June 2012
Developer: Boolat Games/Alawar Entertainment


The Promised Land is a brand new Strategy game similar to all-time favorites Virtual Villagers series! The goal in this game is to bring civilization to the island and also to find the Spring of Eternal Happiness! The game starts off pretty easy but then it gets more and more challenging and more busy as you keep playing. You have to order your limited workers to do different jobs in order to collect many different resources, each worker has their own likes and dislikes and can train them to become a more professional worker once they work at a particular job for a reasonable period of time, we found this a very nice touch which shows the attention to details of the developer! You also have a ship which you can use to sell and buy goods from what they called 'the old land', resources often have their own peak price which encourages you to sell them before the price drops. In addition, the game also offers you some basic features such as building and upgrading, farming and researching! What we found very interesting is the ability to choose different plants to grow in the field and also the ability to switch between producing different products at many stations! As for the visuals and sound, they're excellent! Graphics are crisp and colorful while music is soothing, maybe the best we've seen so far for games in this kind of genre! The Promised Land is also a lengthy game which should cost you no less than a day to complete, once you completed, you can also continue playing it! Moreover, this game is insanely addictive too, but it might take you a while to figure out what to do especially for beginners! The game might not differ much from others in the genre, but it brings many good aspects from many different games into this one great game which has it all! The Promised Land should satisfy Strategy hardcore who currently searching for something entertaining and challenging to play, however, we would also like to recommend fans of other genres to try this game too, you might as well totally in love with this game, just like we do!


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