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Shattered Minds: Encore - Review

Name: Shattered Minds: Encore
Release Date: 02 July 2012
Developer: Vast Studios


 HD for iPad

Followed the Masquerade mystery, this time you have to track down a mad magician from stealing famous monuments all over the world! Well, the plot seems a bit childish and silly but it's quite interesting and at least have not been used before, however, the story is very thin and it's not as exciting as the Masquerade game. For the graphics, they're sharp with good use of colors, artwork is also excellent and eye catching! For the gameplay, it follows the usual HOPA guidelines but with many very cool and innovative interactions! HOG scenes are very easy and puzzles are also enjoyable. Shattered Minds 2 offers us with a map which is completely useless, you still have to get on your shoes and walk from place to place! Despite its small flaws, this game has a fairly satisfying length, a nice looking interface and many beautiful scenes! Some might found this sequel not as exciting as the first one, but it's surely has better gameplay and more improved graphics!


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