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Hidden Mysteries: JFK Conspiracy - Preview


Hidden Mysteries: JFK Conspiracy is the ninth game in the well-known "Hidden Mysteries"series. Two of the latest sequels, Return to Titanic and Royal Family Secrets are both enjoyable, let's hope this one will be good!

JFK Conspiracy is an interactive hidden object game based on the conspiracies surrounding the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. You play as Annabelle, a young woman who is discovering she possesses a strange and supernatural power. When she comes into contact with an object that is inextricably linked with a troubled history, she is transported into a small window of that history, and, once there, must resolve the vignette of discord before she can return to her own reality.

Upon hearing of this unique individual, a consortium of scholars interested in the true events behind several of history's greatest mysteries contact and recruit her to work for them. Her first assignment: discover if John Fitzgerald Kennedy was indeed killed by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone or if he was the patsy he claimed and the well-known story is a conspiracy cover.

During her investigation, she experiences the events of November 1963 through flashbacks and delves into the following conspiracy theories surrounding this ultimate mystery: the second gunman, the Jack Ruby connection, Russia and the KGB, the Mafia, the CIA connection and the Lyndon B. Johnson connection.

The full game has been officially released, read the Review or get the game now!

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