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Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession - Review

Name: Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession Collector's Edition
Release Date: 06 July 2012
Developer: ERS Game Studios



 For iPhone and iPod Touch
 HD for iPad

Can you remember Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice? We're glad to say that this Hidden Object Adventure sequel doesn't disappoint us! This game is a little different from other games by the developer, which is great! Story is engaging, exciting and creepy, it's worth playing even just for its story! For the graphics, all scenes are beautiful as expected, however, a little foggy! By the way, you can also collect coins which can be used in the shop to purchase items and also change the background music to whatever your choice, a very nice little addition! Music is new too, it's still atmospheric and suit the game extremely well! Voice overs are also better than ever, they're more emotional and more smooth. Even though the game focuses more on the adventure part with few HOG scenes thrown in, those HOG scenes are particularly well done! It features three types of HOG scenes, standard item list type, finding number of items type and a highly entertaining fully interactive type as seen in Song of the Phoenix! Despite many good bits, Grim Facade 2 has some major flaws too! Firstly, puzzles are far too easy, some are quite creative but with no challenge? Bonus Chapter also feels a bit of a rush and not as well polished as the main game. The Bonus Chapter explains some details which leaves unexplained in the main game, so if you want to fully understand the story, you might want to play it. However, it feels really flat, both on the gameplay and the graphics! Scenes aren't as beautiful as in the main game and there're much more standard HOG scenes thrown in as if the developer is lazy developing the adventure part! Anyhow, Grim Facade 2 is another game really worth playing, because of its intriguing story and great gameplay!


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