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Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles - Review

Name: Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles
Release Date: 05 July 2012
Developer: Anawiki Games


Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles is a picross-mosaic type game similar to World Mosaics series! You get to fill up boxes according to the number on the rows in order to form a picture, we found this quite entertaining! However, the gameplay is very repetitive as it moves on and so it gets boring very easily! The developer also mixed in some puzzles and HOG scenes, we think they're unnecessary since puzzles are far too difficult and HOG scenes aren't well done! On the other hand, graphics are rather nice but could be much better and story is very good compared to other games in the genre! All in all, Arizona Rose could be fun for die-hard picross fans, but it could be very boring for the others, it has some good points but there're still lots of improvements needed!


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