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Toy Defense - Review

Name: Toy Defense
Release Date: 12 June 2012
Developer: Melesta Games


 For iPhone and iPod Touch
 HD for iPad

While Toy Defense released over many platforms, our review is based on its PC version! Toy Defense is a tower-defense game similar to many's favorites Garden Panic and Garden Rescue but this time its filled with real action! There's no story whatsoever in the game, you basically protect your base against your enemies (common sense?). Graphics are wonderful. Even though it's an action game, all scenes are very lovely and colorful; filled with stunning visual effects and animations! Despite its gorgeous visuals, its sound effects are very annoying, including screaming and shooting sounds, although they suit the game, they're just distracting! The game has many special features that differ it from other tower defense games, this game has a perfect upgrade options, you can either choose to upgrade its weapons or its defense, you also have another upgrade option that allows you to upgrade your weapons during the levels! What we also like about this game is that you can save your favorite or best weapons to use in the next level and you can purchase them at lower prices, moreover, you do not need to wait for its upgrade bar to fill up before the upgrade option to be ready for use! Toy Defense is also very challenging, your target is to win bronze, silver or gold medals judging by your hearts left. However, the major drawback of the game is that the game lacks of tutorial, at the start, the game gives you a very short instruction and they leave you to figure the rest out, advanced players might learn fast but beginners would take longer time to understand the game! Toy Defense was based on the simple tower defense gameplay but with many additional elements, in addition, it has wonderful visuals and interesting upgrade options, Toy Defense is definitely worth picking up!


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