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Mystic Diary: Missing Pages - Review

Name: Mystic Diary: Missing Pages
Release Date: 24 June 2012
Developer: Sunray Games


 HD for iPad

Mystic Diary: Missing Pages is the third instalment in Mystic Diary series developed by Sunray Games. The game looks promising; however, it doesn’t achieve any of its promises. The story is fairly boring and makes not much sense if you haven’t played the first two games yet! Graphics aren’t great, they’re dark and depressing and also not clear. As for the HOG scenes, the lighting is very poor and therefore makes some objects quite difficult to find. You have to play each scene twice, first for the ordinary finding items from the list type and the second for the finding numbers of the object. Music is also not outstanding, they’re very plain but luckily don’t annoying! Puzzles are mixed with twisting ones and normal ones, most of them are very easy but some are also challenging enough. The game doesn’t have a map which should be a great addition since it contains an unbelievable amount of backtracking! Mystic Diary 3 should be good enough for beginners but judging by its low production value, very short length, poor visuals, one difficulty and boring gameplay, this game is very far from being perfect!


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