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Infected: The Twin Vaccine - Review

Name: Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector's Edition
Release Date: 25 June 2012
Developer: Gogii Games



Infected: The Twin Vaccine is the latest Hidden Object Adventure game from Gogii Games, their games are always great but we have to say that this piece of work is truly their masterpiece! We know right from the start that this game going to be amazing from its breathtaking news-report style opening cut scene, in addition to that, all cut scenes in the game are very well done with real actors and impressive voice overs! The story is also very interesting, the story about disease and vaccine is comparatively new to the genre although it based on the same overdone theme of missing relative! Infected is also a very atmospheric game with nice soundtracks, great scenery, stunning effects and very good graphics! The graphics could have been better, some of the scenes look a bit muddy and rough but still very good! The game includes both easy and difficult puzzles, they're mostly not new but still offer you enough entertainment! What we really like in this game is its HOG scenes, they're innovative and requires some thinking! Instead of finding items from the list, most items required interactions to collect it, and once you collect an item, you would have to use it to perform an interaction, until you finally get to the last item and collect it into your real inventory! This is very creative and also very fun, even though HOG scenes are mostly junk piles but that doesn't spoil the fun! By the way, you also have to collect coins which can be used to purchase items! Infected: The Twin Vaccine is an amazing game full of new elements and unique story, it's exciting and extremely hooking! Gogii Games should be keeping up their excellent work as seen in this game and apply it to other games in the future!


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