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Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope - Review

Name: Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Collector's Edition
Release Date: 01 June 2012
Developer: World-Loom



 For iPhone and iPod Touch
 HD for iPad

Firstly, the opening cut scene of Dark Heritage really got us hooked, with the use of real actors and real film, although this has been used several times in other HOG games but this one is just extraordinary! Graphics in this game is also very great although nothing really outstanding, it's also atmospheric! Apart from these two plus points, the game offer us nothing remarkable, standard HOG scenes, easy puzzles, so-so voice overs, good enough music and a fairly exciting finding the amulets type of story! Even all those factors are not off the worst quality, we have to accept that they're on the good side as well, but as this is a Collector's Edition, we expected much more! In addition, the gameplay of this game is not so good either, it's simple and provide us nothing new, and what's really annoying is the tons of back and forth travelling, how many times do we have to say that nobody likes backtracking in HOG games? The length of the game could have been longer as well as its Bonus Chapter. The extras is also very thin, concept arts, wallpapers and strategy guide (which is actually not needed since the hint button is just more than enough), no bonus puzzles, HOG scenes, movies or even soundtracks? All in all, Dark Heritage is a nice Hidden Object Adventure game with great atmosphere, it's still a satisfying one, just not as a CE!


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