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Theatre of the Absurd - Review

Name: Theatre of the Absurd Collector's Edition
Release Date: 30 April 2012
Developer: Silverback Games/Gogii Games



 For iPhone and iPod Touch
 HD for iPad

It's very clear that the developer 'Silverback Games' has been putting a lot of effort on making this game. This game is very different, the most unique HOPA we've seen in a long long time. Story is all about demons, so be warned if you don't like them. The gameplay mechanic is very interesting, although it still based on the old-style HOPA gameplay but all objects to be collect are not just same old items we've seen before, therefore every interactions make some sense and suit the game. Music are very atmospheric, eerie but not disturbing, however, some work need to be done on the voice over (except for Scarlett which is quite nice) because they feel a little bit annoying sometimes! Puzzles are mostly very easy but very entertaining as well. Graphics in this game are very crisp, at the same time all scenes are very interesting to explore with some very interesting places we've not ever seen before! Unfortunately, HOG scenes are not so good, many items are nearly impossible to find and graphics aren't as great as in other parts of the game, but you would glad to know that most of them are not just junkpiles! The developer could add more extras in addition to a very smart strategy guide, tons of concept art and short but very impressive bonus gameplay.  Theatre of the Absurd is another game you must try, with its very attractive and unique gameplay, expecially if you're waiting to see something different in HOG market!


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