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Malice: Two Sisters - Review

Name: Malice: Two Sisters
Release Date: 06 May 2012
Developer: Game Devo


Game Devo is a new developer from Russia, and on their first HOG game, they did quite a good job! The story is very interesting although it could have been clearer and the main plot is still the same 'people missing' theme, although extra details are added, it's much more interesting than the others. On the visual side, it's also very well done. Graphics are great while cut scenes are well crafted. Music are also suitable, but feels a little annoying sometimes because it's repetitive. In this game, you can also combine items to make another item just like in Tearstone! Puzzles are ranged from easy to hard, while the main gameplay is quite challenging as well (lots of backtracking though!). The idea of having a robot helper is a very good idea, which makes the game much more attractive and fun to play, if the robot could be in more parts of the game that would be great! The developer still has a lot of features to work on, there's no difficulty option, no voice overs, some scenes are very plain and also the game is quite short. Malice: Two Sisters is a fine piece of work, it sometimes just feels like an unfinished one, lack of this and that.


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