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Kingdom Chronicles - Review

Name: Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition
Release Date: 28 May 2012
Developer: Aliasworld



As you may know, Aliasworld makes great TM game, for example Ranch Rush series, Cooking Dash series, The Fifth Gate, Hobby Farm and My Farm Life series, but this is the very first time the developers make a TM/Building game, and everything in this game is just perfect! Graphics are really lovely, colorful, eye catching with some funny looking characters and great visual effects! The story is also quite interesting compared to other games in the genre, although it based on the basic plot of rebuilding the kingdom but with some extra details which make it more hooking! Music is very charming, however, a repetitive. What we like about this game is that the gameplay functions perfectly, not completely new or unique but it brings in a part of My Kingdom for the Princess, bits from Royal Envoy and sections of Roads of Rome and so, it creates an excellent game! Another very nice thing in this game is that all levels are completely different, some with different themes, different elements, different backgrounds, so we don’t get the feelings of playing the same thing over and over again! There’s only one mode in this game, and it’s timed, however, relaxed mode fans would be happy to find out that time is only to do with getting gold, silver or bronze medals, but if you can’t beat the time you can still pass that level! Bonus Content for Collector’s Edition includes 6 entertaining bonus levels which we found it a great pity since the latest CE building game ‘Royal Envoy 2’ has over 30 bonus levels, it also includes a strategy guide which looks more like a tips & tricks section, and tons of artwork! Overall, Kingdom Chronicles is an almost perfect game apart from that it lacks of Extras, it’s excellent at every aspects, whether you’re hardcore TM/Building fans or if you’re still new to the genre, you would definitely fall in love with this lovely piece of gem!


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