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Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper - Review

Name: Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper Collector's Edition
Release Date: 11 May 2012
Developer: Blue Tea Games



 For iPhone and iPod Touch
 HD for iPad

Blue Tea Games never disappoints us! From their very first Enlightenus series, to world-famous Dark Parables series and fantastic Macabre Mysteries series, their games keep getting better and better! In their latest game, Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper is a HOPA you can't missed! We like Blue Tea Games by the face that they like to try new things, they have "putting-things-in-places" HOG scenes like in Enlightenus, they're also expert at making FROG scenes as we all known, and now, we've finally got a game with traditional HOG scenes, and they show off their talents on making them as well! All HOG scenes are nicely designed with big enough items and cool interactions, in many scenes there're items that can be picked up but not be use, don't know it's a minor bug or the developer did it on intention to make the HOG scenes more challenging! As always, graphics in this game are eye-catching, fabulous scenes, colorful, stunning and they're a lot of scenes that make us 'WOW' out loud! Music is very fine and suits the atmosphere perfectly well! The twisting of the story 'Pied Piper' also keeps our interest throughout the game, with many twists and turns in the game, the story is very gripping as well as exciting! There're not many puzzles in this game, some are very creative while some are those that we are familiar with, however, they're a little bit too easy for puzzle hardcore! In this game, we also have a special what we called a 'golden circle' which contains 4 special items that would be useful in during your investigation, one of these is a map, judge by the huge amount of backtracking in this game, it would be awesome to be able to jump to places using the map! The game lasts long for about 3-4 hours which is an impressive length for us fast players, also the Bonus Chapter is a fusion of the King Mida's legend and Medusa's legend, we're glad to say that some scenes in this Bonus Chapter are immensely beautiful, we would even be happy to pay some extra bucks just to have a chance to look at those scenes!!! Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper is pure fun from beginning to end, it's definitely a spectacular top-quality Hidden Object game, well done Blue Tea Games!


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