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Shannon Tweed's: Attack of the Groupies - Review

Name: Shannon Tweed's: Attack of the Groupies
Release Date: 24 April 2012
Developer: Gogii Games


We don't know why Gogii Games decided to use a Hollywood star as a base of a Tower Defense game, because it doesn't work out quite right! Yes, the story is quite good, humorous and it is interesting to read the dialogues, the characters are also very well drawn. However, the game is very easy even on hard mode, the game includes no bonuses other than Shannon's photo album and Survival Mode which isn't very  attractive! Furthermore, the game falls flat on nearly every aspects, music is very plain, graphics are not so eye catching and the main concern is the gameplay, which is exactly like the well-known Plants VS Zombies. All the weapons and enemies are not unique, just another version of those in PVZ. Even if you found yourself really into Plants VS Zombies, you probably not going to like this one. Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies is merely a cheap and failed clone of  Popcap's Plants VS Zombies!


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1 comment to ''Shannon Tweed's: Attack of the Groupies - Review"

  1. This is a very nice game. It reminds me very much of a the popular Plants vs. Zombies game or the one in which you are supposed to deal with some undead dolls. I will definitely buy it as I am really keen on playing games in Plants vs. Zombies style. Thanks again for letting me know about this game!


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