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Natural Threat: Ominous Shores - Review

Name: Natural Threat: Ominous Shore
Release Date: 26 February 2012
Developer: Alawar Entertainment


Alawar Entertainment is surely one of the top developers that occasionally surprised us with their great quality games! This game is another example of what HOG should've be! Graphics are colorful, well drawn and some scenes are very beautiful! Story is different, with the story about evil plants instead of evil souls or monsters like in other HOGs makes the whole game really interesting to play! The game very quiet though, could be good for some or boring for some, background music are very nice to listen but they're not quite suit the game because they sound very peaceful while the game is quite 'ominous'! Puzzles are mostly very easy, but anyway they're fun, there're also many unique ones out there that we found they specially entertaining! The length is also very long, worth playing....unfortunately, the game is full of bugs some even prevent you from finishing the game, we could only hope there will be a new updated version of the game soon! To conclude, Natural Threat is really worth playing, with its great presentation, great graphics and surely, great story!


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