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White Haven Mysteries - Review

Name: White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition
Release Date: 09 January 2012
Developer: Gogii Games



 For iPhone and iPod Touch
 HD for iPad

White Haven Mysteries is the latest game from the notable developer Gogii Games, while story that set in another mental hospital isn't fresh and interesting but the game itself is actually very thrilling! This game reminds me of Committed and Brink of Consciousness but this time it's more scary! White Haven Mysteries is surely one the of the scariest games to date, it's TRULY scary! With lots of shocking and scary moments, you would also get a big red warning sign at the start that persuade you to play the game in the dark and leave the sounds on! I wouldn't mind leave the sound on in this game because music and sounds effects are absolutely STUNNING! However, HOG scenes in the game are very dark and some items are hard to find, plus there're too many HOG scenes, they're in nearly every locations :( Puzzles are also not so fun and interesting, most of them are super easy... The game also has a very long length and long Bonus Chapter! Unfortunately, after long hours of gameplay, the ending is very abrupt and vague!!! Overall, White Haven Mysteries is one of the scariest HOGs ever created, with gorgeous graphics and music with long hours of gameplay but also with too many HOS and extremely confusing ending!



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